Monday, October 02, 2006

A Sunday Visit To Twee & Luliloo

A trip downtown Sunday afternoonusacow landed me at Twee & Luliloo, next to the Orpheum Theatre. They're still the best source of salt water taffy outside of the Dells, and have candy events the way wine shops have tastings.
On this visit I bought my first bag of strawberry Kookaburra, got my first taste of salty Dutch licorice, then ate sugar coated cinnamon balls until the flavor of the salty Dutch was just a bad memory.
New favorite candy: Sanded Cinnamon Balls. The sugar dusted hard candy had crackling cinnamon goodness enough to counter the nasty nibs of salty black licorice.
I don't think red Kookaburra can compare in taste to the black, but it grows on you, and has the same just-right chew factor.
Added bonus, the line of Parade cows across the street.

lineocowsChocoholics Night Event Information

Chocoholics Night at Twee & Luliloo
218 State Street
Saturday, Oct. 7, 8-10 pm
Sunday, Oct. 8, 7-9 pm

A Buffet of 50 Chocolates. Milk, Dark, & White
Featuring Raspberry truffles, cocoa bars, chocolate caramels

twee & luliloo

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