Monday, October 02, 2006

Free Food Revolution Is Super Sweet

cheesecowJust up the street from this particular cow, I came across some kids feeding homeless people. I knew something was up because a guy in street-dirty clothes came skipping down the 100 block of State Street telling people they were giving away free pizza.
They looked like your basic UW students, white guy with dreds, cute girl. I think their names were Rob and Anna, and they were dishing up hot meals for hungry people. They work for The Free Food Revolution. The Free Food mission statement is simple:

"We feed the hungry and the homeless in Madison, WI
every Sunday at 3:00 at Mifflin and State Street.
Accepting food donations."

If you get a chance, bring food, see our best hope for a bright future at work. There's usually parking across from the library on Fairchild. The Free Food Revolution Website is up, but under construction.

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