Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dogs Eating Candy: For Heaven's Sake

icecreambardogNow I don't want people thinking we're condoning dogs eating candy. Or ice cream. Or baked goods, or anything with chocolate in it.
Ignore the dog to your left.

A dog cannot digest theobromine, a chemical found in chocolate. Experts say if you have a twenty pound dog, that ten ounces of chocolate will have a toxic effect.
Do the math, then I want a report tomorrow.
The Math
•A bar of Hershey's Milk Chocolate is 43 g
•There are 28.349 grams to an ounce
•One regular sized Hershey's bar = 1.5167803 ounces according to the Mass Conversion Calculator at Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorportated
•Six-and-a-half candy bars are nothing to a dog with a taste for chocolate
•That horse you call a dog would eat candy until he exploded
•What was I saying?
•Have I mentioned that the black cat I used on Friday the 13th came from Hershey's Halloween Clip Art? It's a very nice place for bold, spooky, free clip art. And child friendly.
Source: The California Academy of Sciences, Dog Owner's Digest


  1. When I was a kid we had a 35 pound Cocker Spaniel named Toby who ate an entire bag of hershey kisses (wrappers and ALL). He seemed to survive it fine (with a noticable increase in his panting smile.)

    In several of the sweet shops I've visted they've had chocolate covered bones for dogs. They make an extra special effort to label them with large signs that say "this is NOT actually chocolate, but Carob, which is harmless to your dog." Hmm. I wonder what that carob tastes like. (Perhaps it's toxic to humans, haha.)

  2. I love Carob. But then again, I've also tried Frosty Paws ice cream and doggie breath mints with no repercussions except liver breath.

    Toby must have been a joy to be around for the next 24 hours. The dogs you can't catch in the act crack me up. They act as if you've lost your mind, can they make you a nice cup of tea.

    Chocolate covered bones, you say?


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