Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fact vs. Myth: Will Candy Kill My Dog?

heimlichDid You Know?
Sugar Free products can be harmful to dogs? This includes sugar free candy, gum, breath mints, and toothpaste that use the sweetener xylitol.
An NBC affliate in Lubbock, TX ran a story on xylitol last week.
And then there was theobromine, a stimulant found in chocolate. It's okay for humans, but can hurt the central nervous and cardiovascular systems of dogs.
Therobromine poisoning is also known as chocolate poisoning.
Things To Consider
•Licking chocolate off a wrapper won't kill your dog
But, once a dog tastes chocolate, he'll want more
•Dogs can eat mulch made from cacao beans like an addict uses methadone
•Dogs, cats, and other animals cannot metabolize or excrete theobromine
•Reactions can depend on size of dog, amount, and kind of chocolate
•Bakers chocolate, dark chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate are much worse than milk chocolate
•Chocolate can be harmful no matter what it's in, baked goods included
What to Do
Go to/call your emergency pet clinic.
The ASPCA says Guard Against Goulish Goodies.
Photo by Tammi
Sources:,, MSNBC,, wikipedia, and the California Academy of Sciences


  1. No, but I might kill that bottle of Grey Goose in your freezer.

  2. Hi Jeanna,
    I thought this was a great thing to post. I don't have a dog, but I do have a cat, and I have always wondered the specifics about the safety concerns of chocolate with animals. It was also great that you included who a person could contact if their animal ingests chocolate.

  3. Most sources say chocolate poisoning affects cats too.
    I didn't list the ASPCA's number because they charge around $50 bucks per call. Don't know if the other pet poison control hotlines they team up with do the same.
    Always safe with someone local who knows your pet.


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