Sunday, October 29, 2006

Favorite Holiday Candy

Everyone has probably guessed that Halloween is consistently regarded as the biggest candy holiday. The National Confectioners Association adds that Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are close behind. The NCA also says 89 percent of adults see candy as playing a role in their winter holidays. It's estimated that Halloween candy sales increase between 1-3 percent every year.
•More than nine billion pieces of candy corn are made each yearmadeaonstate
•The U.S. spent $2.1 billion on candy during Halloween last year
•90 percent of parents admit to swiping candy from their kid’s bag
•50 percent of kids prefer chocolate for Halloween
•24 percent like non chocolate
•10 percent like gum
•The grosser the gum or candy, the better a kid will like it
•Keep your granola bars and fruit roll-ups to yourself
"You look like a rotten fruit roll-up." --Madea


  1. Thanks for sharing the fun facts! I must admit, I am a sucker for bits of trivia. But, come on, we know the truth parents: you ALL swiped some of the Halloween candy from our bags!! :)

  2. I know they swiped the heck out of mine.


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