Saturday, February 10, 2007

Badger Claw Candy

Badger Claw candyI found some lovely Badger Claws next to the Cow Pies the other day. Perfect for Valentine's Day. When I asked the girl at the market if the claw was related to the pie, she said "no." Experience with this store made me look at the package with my good glasses.
I discovered very little from the label. The white coated caramel clusters are distributed by L&L Foods in Verona, which was disturbing because the only information I could find on them was a warning letter from the FDA. There was also a reminder to "Enjoy the original COW PIE!"
A clue? Just more bad news because the Cow Pie people's website isn't fully functioning, and while a staple of many a trip to our friends at the Ho-Chunk Nation, I believe they are a long distance phone call.
Getting looks, so I'll just say I love a cashew, and I love the combination of white chocolate, cashews, and caramel. It didn't stick to my real teeth much and the whole thing had a salty-sweet overtone, made extra sweet by the white coating.
Here I must add that "white coating" does not mean "white chocolate," which is made with cocoa butter. And that white chocolate is not considered real chocolate because it is only made with the fat part of the cocoa bean and does not contain chocolate liquor.
The folks at Gem City Candy suggest the Badger Claw is made right here at the University of Wisconsin. This makes sense given the Bucky Badger logo on the wrapper.
The Badger Claw is sweet, slightly salty, and buttery, with just the right amount of nutty snap and delicious caramel. The white coating gives it a unique, if not sweeter taste than other caramel clusters.


  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I've never had badger claw candy, but I think I'll have to hunt it down. I love the sweet/salty combo.

  2. Hi Kristen,
    I haven't tracked the Claw makers down yet, but it's probably the Univ of WI. Don't really care for white chocolate or coating, but it's okay here because of the caramel.
    You can follow the Gem City Candy link to order them; they're grouped with the Cow Pie stuff.
    BTW, red velvet cupcakes!
    Be checking that out more closely.
    I love the sweet and salty combo too. I can hardly eat popcorn without Sour Patch Kids or Dots.

  3. Thank You for stopping by my blog Baking Betties.
    I am also a Wis"cow"son blogger.
    Wow never seen this one before thank you I'll be back.

  4. Hi Bozette,
    Good to hear from you. Always nice to hear from another Cheesehead. Nice baking blog you've got there.

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Yes, I love reading her blogs and I think she is just ready to move on and stop talking about it. I can't believe fans were yelling at interns either. That shocked me. However, I think that what was done to cady was wrong and I am showing her support 100%.


    ps~My website rugged but right is closing down but I have a blogger account:

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I was surprised by the honesty of the posts as well as impressed by some of the comments. The whole thing gives you a lot to think about as far as no one being safe from TPTB and job security and such.
    Sorry your site is closing, but your blog looks good. I like that poem.

  7. The Baraboo Candy Co. website is finally up and running at:
    Guess what? They list the Badger Claw as one of their products.


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