Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snag Me That Porterhouse and We'll Talk

Roscoe,VixenWhen the National Confectioner's Association reported that "Pets give out and receive only 1 percent of all gifts" on Valentine's Day, I had to laugh, ha ha.
"Only" you say?
With whom are they exchanging presents? The mailman? Each other?
If you've ever seen a black lab scarf down anything in a gift shaped box, you know it's a gift that keeps on giving. And I can think of a less pleasant valentine than a heart shaped box of chocolates.
Three cheers for gift giving dogs.


  1. cookie lady7:27 PM

    More and more bakeries have special treats for pets. It's getting to the point you have to watch out you're not getting a box of dog biscuits for yourself.

  2. Didn't the family in "Running With Scissors" eat dog biscuits? Don't feel like you have to trump up a memoir or anything, but they're not half bad.

  3. Hi,
    What a super delightful blog! I'm so glad you submitted it to the Delightfulblogs directory and after just spending a bit of time poking around I immediately added it to the directory. It's such a treat (even if you are on a diet!)
    Lynda K.

  4. Thanks, Lynda K. It is a delight, isn't it?

  5. Now dogs giving presents on Valentines day, what is going on? I only thought cats did that ;)

  6. Hey Amelita,
    I'd like to meet that cat.
    I'm liking the looks of those drinks on your page right about now.
    Will ask my taste testing "panel" about the chocolate condensed milk today and see what they think.
    If my math is right--almost always wrong--you're 16 hours ahead? Behind?
    Math and geography, my strong suits.


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