Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sanders Milk Chocolate Caramels

chocolate caramelA pleasure to bite into, I ate most of these caramels before our *panel got a chance to.
Sanders Milk Chocolate Caramels are full flavored with a generous glob of caramel making them worth the chew.
I tasted dark chocolate, which is drizzled across the top and sides, the others tasted only milk chocolate. I didn't like this accent because I don't like darkchoclate carmel chocolate, which I'm working on.
The best part is the mouthful of rich, soft, and addictive caramel.
Sucking the chocolates down to their savory caramel center was a treat, especially when you've got all the candy.
Sanders Milk Chocolate Caramels would be welcome anywhere, except maybe Jenny Craig.
*Three middle-aged women and a baby


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    These look pretty good. Are the caramels chocolate flavored?

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    You don't like dark chocolate? Say it isn't so! I recently tried an 82% chocolate and I think I found my own bounary. Between 65 and 72% is my preference.

    These look delicious and I like the idea of accenting milk chocolate with dark. I usually do the opposite.

  3. Hi Snob,
    They tasted as if they were flavored with something, but it could be because I let each piece melt in my mouth before getting to the caramel. I could see less chocolate and more caramel, and there's a good dollop of caramel in each piece. I think the others wanted the opposite.

  4. You keep pushing yourself, Brian!
    My fav is Scharffen Berger milk chocolate at 41 percent. 82 percent? Yikes.
    SB has a limited edition called Kumasi Sambirano from Ghana at 68 percent that I may have to try.
    I just finished off a tin of dark chocolate dipped Altoids, so that should count for something?

  5. Correction, the others thought there was "too much chocolate in the caramel." Sounds like an episode of Lost.


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