Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Muddy Waters

chocolate fishSometimes you have to buy candy for the package, and this just gurgled "Who cares what I taste like?" (Much like fish out of these lakes.) I didn't know whether to hang it next to the Hamm's sign or clean it and put it in the freezer.
The Palmer's milk chocolate bass comes in a cardboard valentine's box framed with birch logs and a Trivia Quiz on the back.
Quick Quiz: Largemouth bass like clear water or weeds and mud? (see title)
There is some detail on the chocolate itself and it's ribbed (for her pleasure) on the back. It has a cute pectoral fin, and the smell of it is making me sick. (Much like the lakes.)chocolate fish unwrappedThis fish is meant to be sent as a valentine, yet here I am biting its head off. If you send the foiled creature as a gift, you have two message options: "You're A Keeper" or "I'm hooked on you." A third could be: "Thanks For Not Being Choosy."
The commercial is-it-really-chocolate chocolate is about what you'd expect from such a hilarious gift. It reminds me of unwrapped Easter candy lost in the basket—I can almost taste bits of Peep and Easter grass.
Up Next: An informal round table taste test of Sanders chocolates and dessert toppings.


  1. My grandfather would get a huge kick out of that one! He was in absolute love with Billy The Large Mouth Bass...

  2. I love Billy! This candy is better off on the den wall than eaten. I'm thinking of melting it down and dipping in strawberry marshmallows for Valentine's Day. Yeehaa!

  3. I feel obliged to say Nitro Nanci came up with the strawberry mallow idea which would have worked better if I had used a larger bowl. Very tasty before I ruined it.


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