Friday, February 16, 2007


While I'm cooking up that chocolate fish and sorting through digital photos from the last taste test, have a look 'round Chocoblog.
Here's why I love it: today they talk about Chocolate Heaven Chilli Lips. Not enough? Okay, they're British. And if the countless references to Ab Fab don't tell you, I'm a bit of an Anglophile. There, I said it.
Bonus: Dom also talks about Tim Tam biscuits (Kit Kats with a chocolate mousse filling—what would be the equilalent?) and makes an Aussie joke about "yoghurt " and culture. I'm not sure why I find Brits joking about Australians so funny.
Note: I found the new Flake video, from the 2-15 post, easier to watch at Cadbury.
Meanwhile, meet Payton (as in Walter, not Manning), one of our cutest tast testers.

baby PaytonThis just in...Dom says the Tim Tam post was written by an Aussie (see comment).


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Actually, the Tim Tams post was written by an Australian. I would never make Aussie jokes... simply because they're so much better than us at just about everything. :)

  2. Of course you wouldn't, Dom. Watch out for those chili lips.


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