Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Boxes

And speaking of Irish Fest (doesn't this banjo player from Monto look like Hugh Laurie?) I bought a bunch of candy at one of the shops there. And I should have been leery (O'Leary) when I heard the words "Irish candy" bandied about. Especially when the Irish Baker turned out to be a baked potato joint. Other than that, I saw mostly sweaters and beer.

MontoBut this, dear vendors, and my sister who knows her music but not her candy, is not Irish candy.

Normally I'd show you luscious bars with long, greedy bites taken out of them, but the Mars bar was one of the first to go. I have wrappers, plenty of wrappers.
Jim will tell you it's like our Milky Way and I'll add a 3 Musketeers and a Milkshake candy bar to that. Good stuff, I like my Mars bar served at room temperature.

So called Irish candyDo we see any Celtic candy here? *What is that green bar? I think all of this is best kept an ocean away because I can't stop eating it. That Kit Kat Chunky in the red wrapper at the bottom of the frame, THAT is one helluva candy bar.
Wikipedia says it's a "single finger" bar known as a Big Kat over here, but I never had one until today. Is it possible I don't eat enough candy? Tell that to my blood sugar.
The Kit Kat Chunky improves upon the balance of chocolate and wafer with the wafers piled one on top of another. The chocolate actually spills over the edges.
Jim talked about the Peanut Butter version last February.

Never had these kind of Allsorts, but aren't all Allsorts pretty much the same? A variety of pasty, liquorice flavored candies in pink and white and yellow, with maybe some bead coated jelly monstrosity thrown in.

ChrisI'm glad the nephews are too grown up to steal my candy. Well I'll be Favred—just leave me a pack of Cadbury Buttons. (Can you guess what Chris is reading?)
*The green candy bar is a mint Nestlé Aero, thanks C.


  1. That's a whole lotta chocolate!!! Sweeeeeeeeet!

    Kit Kat has always been one of my faves since I was a kid. Now, we always have Aero bars around because one of our nieces can only eat those ones because of her Celiac Disease. She's allergic to gluten, and apparently Aero is one of the only ones she can have...and they have no nuts.

    So, is Chris reading The Onion???

  2. Hi C. (I just got that I'm saying Hi-C),
    That's too bad about your niece. So that's the green candy bar in the photo, I didn't buy one of those. Just about everything else though.
    Chris is reading the Milwaukee Journal sports page. He's always reading the sports page. He should have a job in sports. Or be a bookie.
    I meant that he was reading about Brett Favre. I was being a little sarcastic (you can see the green and gold in the paper's photo and can tell by the headline who they're talking about).
    Favre is persona non grata and constantly in the news.

  3. My oh my what a haul!!!

    The Aero Mint is delicious indeed (that green coloured bar!!) From that picture I can spot several Cabury bars... I hope you stocked up on those.

    I see Chris is tucking into some Cadbury Buttons - great stuff!! I had some myself tonight YUMMY!

  4. Now I wish I would have gotten the Aero bar, Jim. Will have to give you the list of what I did get in some kind of leftovers post.
    Are you making a list for me? I think I'm going to ask people what to send you and possibly turn it into a contest.

  5. He does remind me of Hugh Laurie! And I think I need to move closer to you so I can help taste test. :)

  6. Hugh Laurie what a heart throb :) we must have been thinking the same things I've just done a short blog on pick n' mix sweets LOL my favourite chocolate is bourneville.

  7. wow, aero bars. They come in regular milk chocolate too. (I've eaten enough of them) And the guy does look like Hugh Laurie! It's weird.

  8. Hey Lisa, I wish you would, but it's not as pretty down here. Believe it or not, I've had problems getting people to test candy.

  9. Hi Judy, he is, isn't he. I think he got better looking as he got older, looked too much the part in Black Adder, etc.
    I'll have to check it out. Have eaten it all except some clear mints.

  10. I've never had one, Jodi. I didn't know that about being gluten free. Bet I'd like the reg milk chocolate better than anything mint.
    He was really good, too. Funny and talented. Maybe it really was Hugh Laurie. He looks like him on their Web site too.

  11. Boy, am I lucky there was still a Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar left when I passed by that stand on Sunday night! Also got a Twirl and some plain HobNobs. Showed great willpower not to get every single Penguin.

  12. There were a lot of Chicago folks (I'll be polite and not use the term "FIB") there StWidgie.
    I still have a few Fox clear mints left, but who cares about them.
    It was my first Twirl and the Maltesers tasted better than I remember. I might have to do a post on them.
    I used to see HobNobs at the store all the time, but they seemed to have slowed down on the shelves.
    I'll have to find out about the Penguins.


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