Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ask Roscoe: Is Brett A Jet All The Way?

So many headlines, so many possibilities.
The Business World: Favre Jets Jersey Blitz Crashes Team's Web Store
The Fantasy World: Brett the Jet: Four degrees of Favre
The Fantasy World of the New York Post: Favre Joining Up With Gang Green
A few more...
Leaving On A Jets Plane
Gone, Baby, Gone (or There's No Crying In Football)
Good Riddance You Traitorous Jerk Pig
The obvious When You're A Jet
The burning question When You're A Brett Are You A Brett All The Way?
Let's Ask Roscoe.

Roscoe Nerds tieFound on set at his Nerds Rope photo shoot, Roscoe said,
"In out, let's get crackin'."
Great daddio, I mean Roscoe.
Here's hoping the Sharks will steer clear, Brett.
Da da da da da...da da da da da da.

Here comes the Brett
Yeah! He ain't gonna beat
Any last buggin' team
On the whole buggin' street!
On the whole!
You suck.
Still a Steeler's fan.
P.S. For Jimbo (PSFJ)
The Corn Is As High As A Labrador's Eye


  1. Brett Schmett!!!
    Roscoe sure looks good w/all his bling. Is that a corn patch behind him?

  2. Even you heard the endless Favre Tomfoolery today, Jimbo?
    Roscoe is wearing a lovely Nerds Rope tie from the Edible Bling collection.
    Yes, we have corn, bluffs, a lake, and some lovely flowers.

  3. Okay, Roscoe is just the cutest doggy ever!

    Gosh, it feels good to be back blogging! Too bad summer is so busy and I don't get enough time near the computer (for things that are not work related!)! Grrr!

  4. Grrr, have you been spending some quality time with Chance? Don't let him hear that cutest doggy ever remark.
    I hope the summer hasn't worn too hard on you, C.
    The computer and I have this love/hate thing going on. Sometimes I think I'll never type another word or post another post.

  5. Cousin Danie7:57 AM

    I want to know what roscoe says about chuch chvala having a political commentary web show on channel 3000.
    Zander really was just wondering why I haven't gotten him more whoppers.

  6. Cousin Danie7:59 AM

    let's try this again..."Chuck"...not "chuch".

  7. I got the feeling Zander was just snacking on them to pretend there was something I could bribe him with.
    You know your family only watches NBC.
    Almost called last night about 6:30 to see if you all wanted to go for a walk.

  8. Congrats on successfully commenting, Danie.

  9. Oh, my goodness! I just realized Roscoe's edible bling!!! I LOVE the Nerds rope! That is way too cool!

    I know you're a sour gummy kinda gal, but I also know you like black licorice. The Manitoulin Chocolate Works has this white and dark chocolate dipped licorice (red or black...whatever floats your boat). When I saw it, I immediately thought of you.

    Now, knowing that you are a Purist, would it be sacrilegious to cover licorice in chocolate? If not, I'll send you some next time I'm at the Chocolate Works.

  10. You're right C., love black licorice and for the next post was going to mention how two of the taste testers do too.
    I had some chocolate dipped gummy bears from the Dells once and yuk.
    Send if you want, but don't feel as if you have to. The red might be okay, but black licorice and chocolate?
    Yeah, I was trying to figure out what to do with the Nerds Rope and found it made a good tie for a black lab.

  11. wow--and I was thinking, that's a pretty cool leash, then I realized it was a nerds rope, and thought--wonder how they got all the beads to look like nerds--and then? It's REALLY a nerds rope? *that's even cooler* :)

  12. Lucky he doesn't care for Nerds Rope, Jodi. I tried to have him hold one and he didn't care to have the thing in his mouth.
    He's a Dots dog.
    Really though, he knows once we shoot photos he gets to go swimming, so he puts up with all sorts of nonsense.

  13. You're too funny!! I love all those headlines, but Roscoe is hilarious!

  14. He is hilarious, Lisa. I think he's a canine class clown.

  15. okay this is killing me I admit mostly I scrolled down at the pictures and died, how did you GET that dog to not eat the candy? sheesh. oh and I am a candy fanatic so you're making my sweet tooth go crazy right now, but i dropped by for fun monday so i can't wait for your question.

    oh and I'm a really bitter Bears fan, I wish Brett would have come to us, cause Grossman sucks!

  16. Hey Lil Mouse, a Bears fan? On a WI blog? I never!
    (I kind of am too. I must whisper that and deny it forever. I REALLY wanted him to go to da Bears too, though.)
    Roscoe didn't care for the Nerds Rope, so not a problem. Besides we've had a photo shoot there before so he knows he gets to go swimming shortly after.
    Ah, but isn't Kyle Orton da man right now?


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