Monday, August 04, 2008

Meme Mia!

Six Long Overdue Things About Yourself
A meme I promised Patti

What does cannoli have to do with it (have to do with it)? I took photos at Festa Italiana with this meme on my mind and my mind on my meme.

Baby in Italian flag1. I believe you could plan weddings and write novels by looking at a cannoli on a plate. If you're Italian.
That baby right there is dreaming of cannoli.

da South Side"Ehh, AngeLAH! I'd like to dip my cannoli in your chocolate heh, heh, heh."
"Go #@!* yourself."

First Holy Communion kids2. I was born Italian, Irish, and possibly Norwegian.
I was raised Italian.
That's wine drinking, too many sweats eating, plate cleaning, sun soaked, broken English speaking, Roman Catholic Church going, wine cellar next to the laundry room sneaking into, Italian. Think of The Jungle Book if Mowgli grew up in The Bush.

Ladies w/Towels3. I wouldn't be writing this now if the sun were out.

nuns4. I panic whenever I see a nun and my right hand makes this involuntary motion like I'm throwing away a cigarette under a bathroom stall.

Red haired church lady5. The Irish side call themselves Dempsey, grandma's maiden name, rather than Olson, grandpa's last name.
Grandma Olson (Dempsey) colored her hair red till the day she died.
This isn't her. However this Palermo's Pizza church lady was cool and...

fried calamari6. I see dead people.
I do, especially at Festa and especially my Aunt Dora who reminds me of Estelle Castanza.
What about this photo except that guy's white-boy-butt isn't funny? Note my dead aunt using the wheelchair for her purse. And that chic in the corner—hilarious. I love Festa.


  1. I'll take the Italian Rum cake for $4.75 please!!!!!

  2. I'll take the Italian rum cake if you put it on a plate and throw in a fork. :)

  3. How about a Dean Martini for eight bucks, YoJimbo.

  4. The fried calamari was king, Jodi. I didn't get any rum cake, but was in search of a giant pastry I never managed to track down.

  5. Help me I can't click a button.

  6. Brilliant Jeanna! Makes me crave a sofigadelle (or however you spell it!)

  7. I'm not sure what that is, Patti, but I crave one too now.
    Can you describe it? Slowly...mmmm.

  8. Nuns: my dad once threw a homemade bomb(matchstick heads (en masse) rolled up in electrical tape) into the convent at his school. They asked my grandmother not to send him back. I love the idea of that baby having it's whole life ahead of itself and dreaming of cannoli. XO

  9. Ah, some light sheds on MM.
    Most of the best guys were kicked out of my parochial school by sixth or seventh grade.
    Good thing neither Vincenzo nor Bug Boy read the comments, they'd definetly get ideas.
    That baby might also be dreaming of getting the Italian flag off its head.

  10. My favorite is the baby. Something magical there! But the one where the guy wants to dip his canoli in her chocolate is very funny!

    The last one cracks me up! Love the looks on the women's faces!

  11. Thanks Lisa, do you know what it's like to be in a photo feeding frenzy? That's what I felt like. Everywhere I looked there were people I wanted to digitally capture.
    The last one is my fav. If you only knew how much that woman looks like my Aunt Dora you'd plotz.

  12. Grrr! I tried commenting this morning, but Blogger was acting up! I tried 4 times!

    Anyway, I was going to say that this post totally cracked me up, Jeanna! I kept picturing my friend, Gino saying "Ehh, AngeLAH! I'd like to dip my cannoli in your chocolate heh, heh, heh" in his best Italian accent! Too funny! :)

  13. Who knows, maybe Gino was there, C.
    I think Blogger was down for awhile yesterday or the day before.
    I considered having my name changed to Gina for awhile, since that's how it's pronounced. Only an evil friend would have pronounced it differently if I had. Come to think of it she did pronounce it differently in college without good reason.

  14. Apparently they're spelled "sfogatelle." They're seashell-shaped flaky pastries filled with ricotta. I always wanted to try one but never knew how to pronounce it. Finally my Italian friends clued me in. "Svee-a-dell."

  15. That sounds kind of familiar, Patti, I bet it was one of those Chicago pastries we didn't get every day.
    Don't think I saw them at Festa, but wasn't looking.

  16. "I panic whenever I see a nun and my right hand makes this involuntary motion like I'm throwing away a cigarette under a bathroom stall."
    HAHAHAHAHA! GREAT line! :) Great post! (I'm Irish, but am a great lover of all things Italian. One in particular...)

  17. You're built like an Italian, Olga. Is that one thing cannoli?
    I might be going to Irish Fest for equal time. If I do I'll be sure to get some lovely, er, photos.

  18. Ummm, yeah Canoli for sure! ;) That's all I'm saying 'bout that.

  19. Man, I mean bra, Irish Fest would have been a great time for you to visit. Oh well, many more fests to come.


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