Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ask Roscoe: National Dog Day

Ask RoscoeJan over at the Prytz Family says today is National Dog Day. Who am I to argue, and shouldn't every day be?
Let's Ask Roscoe what National Dog Day means to him.

"Frisbee? Where's the new Frisbee the one that lights up I saw it in the back seat of your car you know the back seat where I sit. How about them Sox. You wanna play Frisbee? I love you. "

The Village of Homewood, our FIB friends to the south, celebrated the Dog Days of Summer on August 16, the Sonic Drive-Ins in Texas celebrated last Saturday, and Orange County, CA has decided to give the hot dogs a break and celebrate on October 25.
We have something called Dogtoberfest here, and I hope to finally make it this year. I know Roscoe would love it. Karen. It gives dogs and beer a whole new meaning.
To help celebrate the day let's take a look at some of the noble pups in our lives.

Chris, Roscoe pupTwo of a kind (Roscoe and Bug as puppies)

Emily and AbigailDoing the Em Dance (YoJimbo's girls Emily and Abigail)

Miss Vix, center fieldMiss Vickers would have been a great center fielder (Vixen)

Clara and friendsClara loves to be photographed (Jackie's Clara)

Square DobieHow European (Cash dining with friends on the square)

Chico, RositaA rare (still) moment (Tammi's Chico and Rosita)

Miss Vix,Roscoe pupBefore they were a power couple (Roscow and Miss Vickers)

SamAnother one of our fallen comrades (Sam)

ZanderWho called this sweet baby "Cujo?" (Danie's Zander)

To all the mouth breathing, drool dripping, bug eating, butt sniffing dogs in our lives, here's hoping today and all the rest are even half of what you deserve.

Chris,Roscoe and dandelion
Photo Credits: Em and Ab photo from Jimmy, Clara photo by Jackie, Chico and Rosita photo courtesy of Tammie, Sam photo from the Sam Collection


  1. Gah! I JUST got your NDD e-mail and JUST sent you a pic Chance!

    Great post, Jeanna! Happy NDD to you and the pooches too! That Roscoe is one handsome doggy!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Dog Day, and thanks again for posting my girlies!

  3. What a great post. Aren't dogs wonderful.

  4. Sorry C., had to get it done in a hurry and that is such a nice photo. I love the look on his face. It's like "I'm a dog, but I can still multi-task." I'm sure there will be other dog days.

  5. Thanks for the photos, Jimbo.
    McCain, McScane. I don't know what that means. No Hilary so I'm out.
    Yes, Jim Carrey as the Grinch, I can totally see that.
    Kisses to Ab and Em.

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Jan. It's better than what I feel like posting after getting back from the grocery store.
    Something like "Why People Are **holes Part 1 of 100."

  7. So many great dogs and pups! I think they all need a dollop of ice cream to celebrate with!

  8. A "Why People Are **holes Part 1 of 100" post sounds interesting!

  9. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Thanks for posting my Sam. I miss him. Dogs always love us no matter what.

  10. I love feeding them Frosty Paws, Lisa. It's so funny how they lick it like an ice cream cone and then end up eating a big ol' chunk.

  11. The short version of that, Chrissy, was two old burn outs on bicycles fresh from the trailer park (not that there's anything wrong with that) almost hit my car while weaving (not that kind of weaving) around in the parking lot, then the half in the bag old dude starts whaling on my poor Taurus wagon and his old lady (thought it was a dude at first) starts laying in.
    I faked a call to the cops and took their photo (but can't get it off of my cell). Pretended I had a video phone and told them it would be on YouTube within the hour too bad the trailer park wasn't wired.
    You know, Chrissy, I would have loved Jimmy to have been there.
    (I have a feeling he has been).

  12. Yes, I miss him too, especially looking over photos.

  13. aren't children cute when they're pups? *sigh* too bad they turn into--okay, bad pun. Older children. O_o

    I'm looking at dogs. There's got to be some kind of nocturnal dog for my daughter.

  14. Yeah we all think that at one time or another, Jodi. Too bad they turn into teenagers I say.
    Roscoe and Miss Vickers would stay up with me. They want to be where you are and are such creatures of habit you could turn pretty much any of them into nocturnal beings.
    Or you could~shudder~just get a cat.
    Arrggghhh they're towing my car.

  15. Jeanna
    First you have inbreeds beating on your Taurus, and now someone is towing it???????
    The dammm suspense is killing me!!!!

  16. You mean like what's going to happen next? I see an imminent date with eviction court.

  17. Holy! That sounds like one helluva day, Jeanna! GAH!

    I would have loved for Jimmy to have been there too!!! Bet he'd show 'em a thing or two!

    BTW, longish comment reply from my last post for you. Too damn lazy to re-type it here. Basically, I've got a question to ask you. Come and see what it is. xo

  18. Hey, it's not long compared to my response. Was there anything besides Nerds Rope you may want? I'm going to have to do a What To Send Jim's Chocolate Mission post and maybe there's something which comes up (poor choice of words) you want.

  19. Hey......before ya get evicted.....how about editing and posting a picture of C's beautiful pup "Chance"!!!!!!
    You can come stay w/me till ya get back on your feet! Ya think the Taurus will make it down here?

  20. awww those are some cute pups!

  21. Oh wouldn't you be surprised if I did, YoJimbo!
    Shantz (or is it shauntz?) emailed me, but it was in French. C'est la vive. Guess I'll have to include something for him in the next package heading north. Maybe something from Dogtoberfest.

  22. They are, Jim, they are. Although right now Roscoe is acting inSANE.


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