Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Are We Eating?

A Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Always with the chocolate.
Last seen eating: Ice chips

David's Sunflower Seeds and Dubble Bubble bubble gum
Last seen eating: A giant funnel cake followed by a Culver's turtle sundae

Billy, Jackie, ButchBilly, Jackie, Phil2
Gilliam Old Fashioned Black Licorice Drops (and a Strawberry Twizzler)
(Jackie) last seen eating: a Strawberry Twizzler

Strawberry Twizzlers, Nerds Rope
Last seen eating: The rest of Bug's funnel cake followed by a blue moon Concrete Shake with cherries (blech)

RoscoeMe and Roscoe
Nerds Rope, Giant Chewy Nerds, and a big fluffy toy
I last ate: Red Vines Red & Black Mixed Bites
Roscoe was last seen eating: Toy stuffing and last heard (over the phone) eating a fly he caught, released, caught again, and then ate


  1. Karen is very much on the right track with the Cadbury Dairy Milk YUM YUM YUM!

  2. I think she'd eat just about any kind of chocolate, Jim, but I won't argue. I love the big Buttons, but don't think I'd go for the white ones not liking too sweet chocolate either.

  3. I'm just wondering if Karen would share? I love chocolate!

  4. I remember incidents when the kids have found her stash, Lisa, so I'd say don't come between her and her chocolate.

  5. Roscoe eats bugs? o_O

  6. I wasn't there, Jodi, but that was the play by play over the phone. He also likes mulberries.

  7. I'll take one of Roscoe's chocolate fruit flies!

  8. Now I know what to get you for your birthday, Jimbo.

  9. That's a lot of sugar consumption! Hope ya'll are remembering to brush your teeth! :)

  10. You said it Olga. (As I'm eating a pack of Sour Mambas, Milk Duds, and Great Skott Yogurt Pretzels and Marathon Mix. What the HELL is wrong with me [impending deadline]?)

  11. Okay, this has got to be one of the coolest posts ever :)

    Cadbury's chocolates are my mom's absolute fave! She likes the chocolate bar with milk chocolate, hazelnuts and raisins.

    Strawberry Twizzlers rank right up there on my list.

    I've never seen a Nerds Rope before(until that time you posted Roscoe wearing one) and think they're the coolest things since sliced bread!

    Glad I checked out your blog today. Made me smile. It's been a rough morning!! ;)

  12. Aw, C., tell me what's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin'.
    Cadbury can put out a fine chocolate when they're not poisoning you with salmonella.
    Karen is a chocolate freak.
    You never saw a Nerds Rope before? Well, you're in luck since that's my next post (along with two very funny movies). Those Giant Chewy Nerds aren't bad either.


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