Thursday, August 14, 2008

Movie Candy: Nerds Rope

Vince Very Berry Their chewy crunch and sweet sour blend make Nerds Rope an excellent movie candy choice. I liked Vince's idea of taking photos of real life nerds at the movies with Nerds Rope sticking out of their shirt pockets like slide rulers—that idea went the way of sticking Dots on Batman's nipples.

Roscoe Nerds Rope HeadMy Grandma Olson (Dempsey) got this same look on her face when I put pancake syrup on pork sausage.
The first time I had a Nerds Rope was at Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. I was as impressed with the movie's 3-D effects as I was with the stretchy sweet-and-tart of the candied rope. This was sans Pineapple Express mind you. (My last experience with this technology was Jaws 3-D.)

Vince Org Nerds RopeVince favored the Nerds Rope Very Berry from the first photo over the Original shown in the second. But a Nerds Rope is a Nerds Rope and to say there's much of a difference between flavors is like trying to decide between a hot caramel or a hot fudge sundae. Why not get a turtle sundae with extra nuts and cherries? That sounds pretty good to me so let's move on to the Nerds Worthy portion of the show.

Nerds Rope Worthy:
Pineapple Express
Not quite Dazed and Confused, this wacky Rogan/Apatow weed romp reminded me of a Double Stuf Oreo. No, not that kind of double stuffed Oreo.
The first bite is all crisp deep chocolate with the promise of a thick white cream center...hold on...okay I'm back~burp~and Pineapple Express has that munchtastic black and white Bill Hader opening sequence to unscrew.The first James Franco (Freaks and Geeks /Spider-Man) apartment scene is just as priceless. Then there's a sweet, creamy middle, with well constructed (if not too much) action, and a kind of Harold and Kumar Dineresque bottom cookie to finish it off. Visual humor or no, Seth Rogan needs to get some new underwear.
Tropic Thunder
More male bonding, more Bill Hader, more fun, Tropic Thunder stars Ben Stiller (who directed), Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Nick Nolte, and Mathew McConaughey, sporting an unflattering shade of pink lipstick. There are many cameos, some impressive new faces and one funny-ass-English-dude.
Tropic Thunder is funnier than Pineapple Express because it's a better action-adventure comedy, a tricky combination which stymied the likes of Get Smart. There must have been divine comic intervention at work considering the film stars Stiller, McConaughey, and Jack Black. Maybe Richard Pryor had drinks with Robert Altman and they worked a minor miracle from on high or, uh, wherever they are.

Rest in peace, Bernie Mac, thanks for the laughs.


  1. That Nerds rope looks grand! We used to get NERDs in the UK in boxs - I used to have them all the time when I was a kid! I always used to love the really sour flavours. ahhhh the memories! Have you seen the new 'Mummy' film yet!? I have heard the New X-files has bombed in our UK box office!


  2. I had no idea they made a rope out of nerds! I do like those little candies. Will have to seek some out. :)

    Dots on Batman's nipples? really? :) Did I miss something?

  3. Hi Jim, I like Nerds in a Box (Hey girl, I got something real important to give you, so just sit down. And listen.).
    Mummy sounded too bad to see, and the X-Files was so bad I was going to do an entire post on how much I hated it and why. I had it on my To Do list on the side bar instead. It said something like "Tell people how much I hated the X-Files." It was like a bad dream you get from eating bad meat or shell fish.

  4. Nerds Rope is the best, Lisa. Yeah, I was going to do the Batman thing for one of the Dots posts. I figured Dots would easily stick to the glass case over the posters. Remember how the old Batman costume (I forget which movie) had nipples on it?

  5. My kids LOVE Nerds Ropes!

  6. Nerrrrrrrrrds Rope!!! I'm still so intrigued! Nerds were among my fave candies as a kid. I remember every Friday after school, my brother, cousins and I would go to the corner store and spend our allowance money on candy!

    We'd always get the same things every Friday. Nerds (of course!), that flat foot-long licorice in green (mint) and purple (grape), a few Bazooka Joes (just for the comic strip, because the gum was always rock hard!), 100 Swedish Berries (because they were 1 penny each), fuzzy peaches, sour patch kids, and that purple gum (that looked a bit like Chiclets) that we called "soap gum" because it tasted like soap.

  7. I still haven't seen any Nerds Rope here in Canada. I think we only have them in the box. I always loved that each box had two different flavours! I was a picky Nerds girl. I NEVER let the flavours mix, but my cousin used to tick me off because he'd mix them all together and eat them like that. To this day, I can never mix my Nerds. It's like mixing your peas and carrots with your mashed potatoes! Sacrilege!

  8. I'll settle for pancakes and syrup on pork sausage w/Grandma Olson (Dempsey)...and Roscoe sittin' under the table!

  9. That's a very interesting shopping list, C. Mine was more like candy lipstick, Red Hots, Lemonheads, Lik-M-Aid, Chum Gum, an Ice Cube, red and occasionally black licorice from the jar, and one pretzel rod if I was flush. Jolly Ranchers, Clark Bars, and Zagnuts were only available at the bus stop corner store. Which is why I was always spending my bus fare on candy.
    I'll send you a care package this fall with some Nerds Rope, but they are all mixed together on a kind of licorice center. Maybe you'd like the Very Berry cuz there are only two colors.

  10. Are you saying my Grandma Olson would be sitting under the table, James?
    Ahh, they were cat people back then anyway, most of them still are, although a few have come to the dog side.

  11. But I love soap gum--more commonly known as C.Howards Violet gum. They smell so good, and have that crackly sugar crust like a chiclet, and...damn it, now I have to go see if I can find any.

    The lozenges are good too, but they don't have the crackly sugar crust.

    I saw tropic thunder, too and it was fabulous. 90 percent funny and 10 percent, huh? I have the Mummy on my TBW list, c'mon--bad or good, you've got to love the combination of Jet Li and Brendan Frasier

  12. Yeah, that Violet gum is pdg, Jodi. I like the candy a bit more I think. The Cracker Barrels have them if there's one around you.
    Tropic Thunder was fabulous, wasn't it?
    A bad movie is a bad movie and a bad movie with mummies could be really, really bad. I'm not even tempted to sneak into that one.


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