Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ask Roscoe: Where's The Chocolate?

Roscoe wigCruella, I mean Roscoe, two part question:
Whatever happened to that Divine Chocolate post, I heard the entire box of chocolate was consumed by one person—any truth to the rumor the taste tester in question had to be removed from the Middleton Splash Park with a crane and a 2-liter bottle of seltzer?

"Frisbee? There were all these dogs there and this one giant dog that didn't smell like a dog freaked me out man freaked me OUT what the hell is that thing and everywhere we went there were treats treats TREATS all those people and little humans no one was scared of me everyone kept asking if I was being a skunk today what the hell does that mean people kept petting me and laughing and giving me things and then we went to the park where sometimes I have to show those damn dogs no one better screw with me or the one that smells like sugar and no problems weird there were some fast walkers the lowest one in the pack order made three touchdowns and more dogs and music and treats we lost the contest people like lions more than skunks who cares I swam for hours and me and this little girl kept making sugar smell go deeper and deeper in the water it was really funny and then Troy Gardens where this dog tried to show me how fast he could run I showed him then ate a turnip."

Dog mascot"What the hell is that thing?"


  1. Haha
    Roscoe AKA "Pepe Lepew"!!!
    Sounds a like you had a malodorous time together!
    Did Roscoe find his Penelope?

  2. Rosita seemed quite taken with him, but niether he nor Chico would let her get close.
    That damn lion cowl beat us out.
    More photos soon. Am so behind in everything. I think the girls would have had a helluva time. And beer for you.

  3. HA! I love it! Roscoe is so darn cute!!! Really, he actually lets you guys dress him up? Chance always complains every time I try to dress him up for photos!!! He gives me that really disgusted look, like "Are you freaking kidding me??" Yeah. THAT look.

  4. He objects to some things, but like him, I keep pushing it. Next thing you know he'll be in the whole Cruella De Ville get up walking a dalmation.
    That's because Chance has that French Canadian 'tude.

  5. lol--he "is" cute, and I'm not even a dog person. any opinions on a medium sized dog for a sedentary teenager? My kid wants a husky, but I know they're too active.

  6. Roscoe saw the irony in wearing a Cruella De Ville wig.
    The husky is a strong, sometimes weird, large dog which needs more exercise and dog handling experience than the average person can give them. You should research breeds since most of my experience has been with labs or lab mixes. I like the funny, large, slightly mischievous dog that is up for a jaunt or swim in all weather at any time. So you're asking the wrong person.
    Maybe an older dog or a cat from the local Humane Society. I'm not a cat person, but dogs shouldn't be inactive and sometimes the smaller the more crazy hyper.
    You can get a calm dog of any kind if you work with them, and some breeds will act like puppies for four or more years. Ol' Skunkboy here for instance.
    But generally you're not going to get a great dog unless you put in the time. It's a LOT of work.

  7. Jodi:
    Chance has part Husky in him (He's a Husky/Black Lab mix). I don't know which part is the more active part though! LOL! He's pretty active! I'm glad we've moved from the city and to the country now, because this dog needs A LOT of running around! He went stir crazy in my Toronto apartment! He ate my computer cables, shoes, workout bench, etc...while I was at work! Now that he's busy on the farm, he doesn't chew or destroy anything.

    I was cracking up at the comment you left on my latest post! I replied to that comment! Too funny! XO

  8. I have always love Pepe and Roscoe resembles him today. :) I have no clue what that last thing is, my guess is that it's the thing that looked like a dog but didn't smell like one?

  9. I wasn't thinking of Schanz as a lab mix. Sweet babi. You gave him a whole new life by moving to Green Acres.
    Favre, ptooey. Johnny Unitas, now there's a player you can set your watch by (Grandpa Simpson).

  10. Oh, he resembled him when I did his hair and spray painted him like a skunk. The wig was mine. He was Pepé and I was Cruella, will post photos with a flickr link soon.
    That last thing was a very large dog that took Roscoe by surprise like I haven't seen since he was a puppy. He used to react that way to television sometimes. Quite funny, had a little crowd of people watching.

  11. omg--dogs eat computer stuff and ...stuff in general?? A "small" placid old cat sounds better all the time. Or maybe a virtual dog and a small cat.

  12. love that wig. I can't believe he'll leave it on!

  13. Jodi, do I have the perfect item for you. I'm researching toys for a current article (yes I'm already doing a Christmas story and have the mind of a small child) and the Toys R Us dude claims that Biscuit My Lovin' Pup will be the hot ticket this holiday season.
    He obeys six commands.

  14. Hey, Kelly, it's amazing what he will do and when he'll do it. That wig didn't stay on long, I was actually wearing it and it was HOT.
    He did wear his stripes the entire day though. Will have to catch up on my posts to show him off.

  15. Yeah, he doesn't look like a lab mix at all, does he? To this day, the vets keep writing him down as a Border Collie mix! It ticks me off because I have seen both of Chance's parents. His dad is a husky and his mom is a very tiny black lab. Border Collie my @$$!!!

    Haven't sent that package yet. I've found more things to add to it ;)

  16. Does he act like a lab? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Roscoe has taken to jumping up and down at the window like some kind of terrier.
    I guess Chance's coloring makes them say that. And huskies have that kind of border collie fur.


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