Thursday, September 11, 2008


Danie (Cujo's mom) brought two packs of Morinaga Hi-Chews back from Hawaii months ago and I've been rat holing them ever since. She fell in love with the Japanese fruit chews after becoming parched when climbing something larger than expected (volcano, surfer, who knows).
I thought maybe they'd be like Quench gum because Danie found them so crazy refreshing. Not quite, but there are distinct chewing gum overtones.
I tried the grape and green apple and loved how the tastes and textures played off each other. The individually wrapped pieces are bite-sized, but hearty enough to be bitten off like chaw.
The candy's white outside reminded me of pineapple—I'd love to get my teeth into all their flavors (like Mamba, they also have Cola). Hi-Chews are chewier, heartier, and somehow softer than comparable candy.

Bug Regent FootballBug dove into both flavors like a linebacker into a wideout after the play is over and you think no one is looking. Bug.

Jackie photogJackie preferred the green apple over the grape, finding both kinds subtle, but flavorful, different, and not too sweet. She was able to taste the candy more thoroughly as it became softer with chewing.

Butch Hi-ChewGramps here (Phil 2) tersely summed up the candy as "chewy."


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    well it is about time!
    hi chew to you
    cujo says hi and sends kisses

  2. wow, I remember hi-chew. It tastes (well, one of the flavors) sort of like that soft green japanese bubble gum I can't remember the name of. You're right, they start out chewy and for some reason get almost luxuriously soft and squishy.

    Then again, they're prettier than I remembered, too. :)

  3. OMG!!! As soon as I saw the title for this post, I let out a great big squeeeeeeeeeeeeal!!! When I taught in Japan for two years, I was ADDICTED to Hi-Chews!!! They are sooooooooooooo good!

    Okay, now I'm craving me some Hi-Chews! Oh, good lord...are they ever good! LOL!

  4. Hello puppy! Wanna go to Dogtoberfest with Karen, Roscoe, and me?

  5. I think that's the Ramune flavor, Jodi. I love this stuff. They did look pretty against the football field backdrop.

  6. You and me both, C. I'll have to start the hunt around here. There was another candy you were talking about which I already forgot.

  7. My cups are watering just thinkin' 'bout those! :)

  8. My cups are watering too, Olga, but then again there's a flash flood warning.
    Those are some tasty little candies.

  9. Really? I wonder which candy that was? Did I tell you that I seem to have lost all memory with this pregnancy? I can't even remember my phone number when people ask for it! Gah!

    Jeanna, this post has seriously got me craving Hi-Chews in a big way! Waaaah! LOL!

  10. I can't remember either, C.. what's my excuse? It was raining ALL day, but I managed to find three flavors of Hi-Chew at the first place I looked after a marathon walk with Roscoe.
    If you don't have them there I'll throw some in a package along with some Nerds Rope and your t-shirt.

  11. OMG...You are a saint! They don't have any Hi-Chews on this island I'm living on! I like I'm on an episode of Gilligan's Island sometimes! LOL!

    I've got some neat stuff I'm sending you too! Can't wait until you get the package to see what you say. I guess I'd better send the package already! LOL!

  12. Errr...That should read: "I *feel* like I'm on an episode of Gilligan's Island". *sigh*

  13. A package for little ol' me?
    Got a nice one from Divine Chocolate yesterday.
    No Hi-Chews you say? You should tell me what else you're craving.

  14. Now you have me thinking about that gum from the 80s, I can't remember the name of it, and I think it's no longer around. Splash? Squish? Ah, heck, whatever it was I liked it. :) So I bet I'd like this one.

  15. Anonymous9:57 PM

    great to see you lot having so much fun with Hi-chews. they are one of my childhood sweets and they've got such an insane stretchy texture and wonderful flavours! i think at this point, they've created more wicked flavours as well so do keep a lookout for 'em! x

  16. Hi Lisa, they do still have Freshen Up gum available. You were talking about the squares with the goo in the middle that squirts when you bite it, right?
    Hi-Chew is nothing like that. It's more along the lines of a Starburst but not really.

  17. Hi Diva, you have a great site, so glad I found it. Yes, there are so many flavors of Hi-Chew I want to try, but I've only found the three flavors locally.


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