Thursday, September 04, 2008

Disgruntled Thursday

Taste of Madison boothEmpty the trash.
What's that guy in lederhosen doing at a seafood place.
That's way too much information.
You whiteboard all that stuff about happy hour and highballs, then don't serve alcohol.
I hate people who fabricate verbs willy-nilly.
I hate the expression "willy-nilly."
What key lime pie—I don't see any.
Why is the cashier holding all that money. Don't handle all that damn money and then serve me food.
Those pants on that girl in the background are too tight.
Someone threw away a plastic bottle instead of taking three damn steps to toss it in the recycling bin.
What the hell is Libu Coconut Shrimp? Leave the shrimp alone, they already died to feed you, isn't that enough?
My mother keeps calling key lime pie from the Hubbard Avenue Diner "cheesecake."


  1. Boy you do have a bunch to gripe about. :) Key Lime Pie, huh? Did you eat it all?

  2. You have no idea, Lisa. That's just from one lousy photo. No, I didn't eat it all, but I had a humungo piece from Hubbard Avenue the other day. I should do a post on them, it would be the opposite of this post.

  3. Still feeling the effect of that pop, eh? Yowwww-za!!!

  4. LOL!!! Oh, good lord! Jeanna, this post had me howling with laughter! I can just imagine what kind of day it's been for you!

    I think you ought to come visit me. We can go beach hopping! Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood and I managed to hit as many beaches as we could on the weekend.

    Grab Jimbo, Ms.Mamma & SF on your way over! ;)


  5. I'll totally party with you, C, Ms. Mamma, and Jimmy! Let's go! You can have my share of the key lime, OK?

  6. I'm still feeling the effects of watching my car get towed away from my own parking lot, Olga. I would have loved to have draped you around that scene. Can you imagine? Olga wrapped around the idiot tow truck driver's idiot face?
    And it's still raining.

  7. Chrissy, I would never leave. I mean it, you would never get rid of me. Had a friend who did that to another friend once. She moved in behind their house on the beach on Lake Michigan and stayed there right up until the winter. I mean she LIVED on the beach. No house, no nothing. I think they fed her every day and somehow she always managed to have weed.

  8. You got it, J.! And we'll buy a bunch of pink ribbons and Blue State t-shirts for Jimbo on the way.

  9. OH Lawwwwwwd!!!!
    You sound like a Democrat who's been watching too many Sarah Palin vid clips!!!LOL!!!!
    "Don't Tax me Bro"!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh.....I would love to hang out with you and "C" and "J"....but I'd need to bring "Row" along to help keep you and "J" from killin me!!!!!

  11. Oh Sieg Bloody Heil you redneck bastard (said with love).
    Row is cool, but we'd have a car full of stray dogs before we hit Minnesota.

  12. do you ever find out what libu shrimp was, and why it's only 2$? I was wondering the same thing? Libu shrimp, and what IS that guy in lederhosen--lederhosen? doing out in public?

  13. Hey Jodi, the lederhosen part, well it is Wisconsin. You'd be surprised.
    I suppose I could find out what Libu shrimp is if I really wanted to. IF I really wanted to. No, I prefer to live in Libu shrimp world.

  14. Jimbo: Yes, definitely bring Row! She's really cool :)

    Really? That's too funny about your friend's friend! That sort of happened to me too, actually. When I was with my ex-boyfriend (AKA: The Idiot), one member of his circle of friends stayed with us in our apartment for what seemed like FOREVER! Initially, it was supposed to be a week...then it turned into two weeks...which turned into A YEAR! Funny, this person didn't get off the couch to get a job, but always seemed to have beer and weed. Go figure! Oh, and this person wasn't a friend. It was The Idiot's deadbeat Dad!

    Phew! Sorry for the rant there!

    It would be soooooooo awesome if you, Ms.Mamma, Jimmy, and I got together sometime! Good food, good wine, good conversation...what could be better?

    Oh, but promise me one thing...please bring Cherry, Autumn's Mom, Py & Maya too!!! ;)

  15. Oops! Forgot to add Jeanna too! DEFINITELY Jeanna! Oh, and I would never get rid of you, Jeanna! I'd even cook for you every day! :)

  16. You're pretty patient to let some loafer stay that long. Maggie was just one of those people you expected to find crashed on someone's couch. Or floor, or lawn, or beach view of Lake Michigan.
    I love when people cook for me, but aren't you supposed to be getting bed rest?


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