Monday, September 01, 2008

Munched Out Monday: A Taste of Madison

The Taste of Madison is a great excuse to indulge yourself until you pass out from one thing or another. The asshole quotient is low and they do things like put a free pop stand next to one that costs money.
I had way more free pop than is healthy which is why I'm typing so fast right now and think swimming across Lake Mendota sounds like a really good idea. (It's not.)

Mexican from scratchDo you have any Italians made from scratch?
You heard right, ladies, no more pit hair you could fit with a collar and leash, no more smoking cigars with "the men" at the table while you and the girls clean up the meal it took you 12 hours to prepare and serve.
Yes, order an Italian Made From Scratch today!
Order now and we'll include a Drinking Buddy Made From Scratch: Had it with boozed soaked buddies throwing up on your good linen or household pets while on the line with Hong Kong? Free to the first 100 callers.

Dog in a bike basketAct now and we'll throw in a Dog In A Basket absolutely free! This cuddly canine enjoys food festivals, classic rock, and staying hydrated.

Pot of chocolateThere's chocolate pot? Where? Oh.

Tattoo socksNo time for socks when things are being dipped in chocolate.

Guitar soloFine tunes. This Hendrix solo was outstanding. Some guys from Blue Oyster Cult and Survivor and Pat Travers were there.

ManskirtYeah, I like to let the boys roam free in this little number. What did Hill get yesterday, something like 200 yards and two TDs?

Onion blood signThen things got weird.
What kind of Taste Team is this guy on, anyway?


  1. Happy labor day!!!!!!I'm assumming you didn't get evicted?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Looks like FUN! I'd like to just dunk myself right INTO that chocolate pot....mmmmmmm.....

    Hey, speaking of dunking stuff into chocolate....I gots a little
    something for ya
    on my blahhhhg! :)

  4. Not yet, YoJimbo, but tomorrow is another day.

  5. I'd like to see that, Olga. Maybe you can work up a sketch sometime.

  6. passersby were amazed by the unusally large amounts of blood, lol. I love random comments like that...

  7. That's the Onion for you, Jodi.
    I think that was the Red Cross tent.

  8. oooh Jeanna what was that big bucket of melted chocolate for!?

  9. It was from a place called "The Melting Pot," Jim. I think it was for fruit. A little boring, but they may have frowned on dunking your entire face in there as I wanted to do.

  10. I'd like to order an Italian please. Dunked in chocolate?

  11. haha I would have created a disturbance and ran off with it :) MINE ALL MINE!! It just look sooooo good!

  12. I'll see what I can do, Olga.

  13. I bet you would have, Jim.

  14. Cool! Looks like loads of fun! I don't think I need another dog in a basket but I'll take the crocs and maybe an Italian or two. :)

  15. You don't know anyone interested in a man skirt, Lisa? It's weird, those things turn from tedious to fascinating if I'm taking photos.
    So you're saying you already have a dog in a basket, then?

  16. Blue Oyster Cult? The Onion? Sigh. I miss Madison.

    Alice, who drifted in from Jodi's blog.

  17. Hi Alice, it certainly has its charms. And drift away, glad you floated over here. I'm kind of the anti-Jodi. Not much in the way of contemplation, structure, or deep thought. No siree.


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