Monday, September 29, 2008

Heading South

Do you know the way to Tampa Bay?
(okay, St. Petersburg, but that's harder to sing)

Yeah, uh, we knew the Sox would win the tie-breaker before it happened, including that Thome dinger.
"It's gone!"
(We really did know it was going to happen before it happened. Including the Thome dinger. Although we still love the Twinkies and yes I can. Vince.)
We still hate the Cubs more than you do.


  1. "Sox"....I thought that was a name for cat?

  2. for a cat.....darn it!

  3. "Jimmy," I thought that was the name for a large male crab.

  4. LOL! You and Jimmy just crack me up!

    LOVE the photo, Jeanna! Too cute!

  5. Your pup is just so agreeable to everything you do. :)

  6. I think Jimmy also means short crowbar, he can take his choice, C.
    He damn well knows who the White Sox are.

  7. Hey Lisa, that's because Roscoe is a "brat angel." You should have seen him on his play date with my cousin Tammi's dogs last Saturday. Poor Chico and Rosita didn't know what to make of him.
    He does take to his photo shoots well, though. Maybe because he doesn't get to see me every day.
    Have you given any more thought to the whole Storm Chaser thing?

  8. you really should do pet shoots--I'll bet there are a lot of people who would love to get their pet dressed up and get a nifty picture. :)

  9. Yeah, but I don't enjoy getting pissed on and bitten. Or maybe I do...

  10. Nitro7:29 PM

    Sox vs. Twins....that must have been a win-win game for you. But, even tho those Devil Rays may not have any fans, they are hard to beat. I'm rooting for the south siders in spite of the cross town rivalry.


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