Monday, September 15, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

This dog day afternoon brought to you by Fox's Glacier Mints, the last candy in the bag.
Your hard mint is the orange Popsicle of the candy world. Not quite candy, not quite mouthwash, the clear mint is often overlooked and misunderstood.

Roscoe with mintAmong the remains in an old bag of wrappers from Irish Fest were some Fox's Glacier Mints, and what a lovely surprise they were.
The crystal color and mellow mint taste were appealing, working as both an emergency cover up and candy. Easy to crunch and pulverize, I rank Fox's mints high among the last-to-be-eaten candy type.

Roscoe and LeoSome of us need a breath mint more than others. Especially on a rainy, muggy weekend filled with relatives housed in close quarters.

Dog tugRoscoe's brother Leo (pictured above) and cousin Clara (below) were staying over. Much like Vince Young, Roscoe needed to get out and watch the Packer game down by the pub, I mean grab a little me time.

Clara, LeoBoth Clara and Leo reminded Roscoe of their "no dog left behind" policy, but Roscoe reminded them it wasn't his policy unless he was the dog being left behind.

He was ready to hit the trail as soon as I rolled into the driveway.

corn fieldWhere's a corn dog? Whaddya mean you're a wet corn dog doncha get it?

LeoMeanwhile, back at dog central, Leo was mesmerized by the sound of whipping cream coming from the kitchen.
To Be Continued


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh! The doggies are absolutely precious!

    And now I've got that song in my head. I pretty much know I'll be singing it all day. Thanks. LOL!

  2. Ah, but today it's sunny again. I do love that song though. Better than Bon Jovi, shapeshifter woman!

  3. You're so damn talented and funny, GF! So hilarious and smart, you. I likes my bassakwardsness. Maybe you need to start an exclusive dog blog. Yeah, I think so.xo

  4. Oh please, you're the one.
    If I had my own dogs, I might, but these are rentals.
    Bet it's starting to look a little like fall up there.

  5. I like your rental mutts!
    Mutts are us!

  6. Well, they're relatives so I guess a little more than rentals. Little devil dogs.
    So how far off the deep end have you gone, James?

  7. Ah, the dog days of summer. :) I love Roscoe!

  8. I've gotta admit, you have some great dogs. How you get them to stay still, I don't know. (and not eat the candy, or sit, or do things dogs probably don't want to do.)

    ...*sigh* I like dogs--that belong to other people. :)

  9. AWW such adorable dogs..really wish my dogs were as cute as that :) anyway Fox's glacier mints are classic for me. love em..there's no other mint, sorry Extra, that can beat it.
    great blog. thanks for stopping by mine :D xxx

  10. Roscoe is a bit of a loon, Lisa, and has been crazy loud vocal.
    Yeah, was it as humid up there? Weird, still summer isn't it.

  11. Well, Jodi, that's probably why Roscoe is so good for me, because he isn't mine. I'm just the cool aunt you see.
    He sits still because Karen trained him well and I have him in a routine for photo shoots. He gets dog treats instead of candy and poses between walks and swimming and frisbee. Although he is partial to Chicken McNuggets.
    His brother Leo is a hoot and cousin Clara is a bit of a minx.

  12. Hey Diva, I wish I had a Fox's mint right now, but all I see are empty wrappers. I was really surprised at how good they are. And I love the idea of a mint that looks like a glacier.

  13. That last picture left me feeling minty fresh! HA!

    Love the doggy tales!

  14. That second picture from the top just KILLS me! The expressions on their faces!!!

  15. As refreshing as a trip over the Falls, Olga? I better check in with you to see if you're still in one piece (or have lifted and separated).

  16. That's one of my favs, too, Jessie. One of our taste testers thinks Leo looks like a pig in that photo. I think it shows his personality.

  17. OMG...Jeanna, did I actually tell you what I was putting in that package I'm sending you? I really hope I did, because I completely forgot what it was now. I am seriously suffering from "placenta brain" (as the doc and the ultrasound technician like to tease me). In fact, I have the box half filled with stuff, and I don't know where I put it! I wanted to stick a few more things in there before I send it off. *sigh*

    Oh, great. Now I have "Rainy Days and Mondays" in my head again...

  18. Placenta Brain, is that like Placenta Helper (poor taste)?
    Geez, I hope you don't misplace one of the cats in there.

  19. LOL!
    I guess you wouldn't think it was funny if I did, eh? ;)

    Funny you mentioned cats. This morning before I could get working, I had a lengthy battle with the mama cat (who was once a house cat and now a barn cat). She found a way to get into the house. I don't know how, but she ends up in the duct work, climbs through the vents and ends up inside the house. We did this whole routine of her finding her way inside the house, me chasing her and scooping her up to bring her back to the barn, and only to return to find her inside the house again. We did this three or four times. *sigh* She really wants in!

    Oh, I remember what I wanted to ask you! Do you prefer dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate? I have a feeling it's dark, but wanted to confirm.

  20. Oh, Chrissy, you don't have to send me chocolate. I've been told I have immature taste in chocolate because I go for the milk chocolate every time.
    But I got a very generous shipment just the other day and don't need any more chocolate! Arrgghhh, from that afternoon of ice cream and the very large box of Divine chocolate I have to review, I think I'm gonna—oh,okay, that was a close one.

  21. Blogger Jeanna said...

    That's funny about the former and now wanting to be current house cat. Maybe she feels the weather changing, although it's in the seventies and will be in the eighties here.
    I saw a ginger kitty hanging out in the state park yesterday, and they said the cat lives right there in the park. It shows up for special events and likes to hang out by the fish scaling station.

  22. Too funny about what you said about the cat! Perhaps she does feel the weather changing, but it's still really nice here! Still warm and the leaves haven't changed colors yet!!

    Oh, but you wouldn't mind if I sent you some anyway, would you?? It's SPECIAL chocolate!! LOL! Special as in "from the Island" and not any other kind of "special" you may be thinking of, Jeanna! ;) xoxo

  23. You can send me whatever you'd like, sweetie. I like stuff from other places that other people think is special.
    But, hey, I've been on another Weeds marathon, so when you say special know.
    The cat isn't pregnant too, is she? Maybe it's a sympathy pregnancy.

  24. Once again your puppies stole the show-does Roscoe like having a little brother?

  25. I survived The Falls Jeanna....but I just wish Drowsey would wash her dang foot! Really!...Is that asking TOO MUCH?!?!


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