Thursday, September 18, 2008


Leo hypnotizedYou hear nothing in the next room.
I hear everything in the next room.
You smell nothing in the next room.
I smell ice cream sundaes in the next room.
You hear nothing in the next room...
I hear a canister of whipped cream in the next room.

Vince whipped crea,Fffzzzsssshhhfffttt.

I hear nothing in the next room.

And this was dinner.
Hey, there was fruit.

Where did the two tall ones go?
You smell of Edy's and Smuckers—does my tongue look fuzzy to you?


  1. That is soooooooooo weird! I could have sworn I posted a comment here earlier this afternoon!

    Anyway, I remember what I wrote (or supposedly wrote).

    Jeanna: This post has got me all of a sudden craving an ice cream sundae!!! HYPNOTIC...That's for sure! Kind of like that weird commercial on TV where when you hear the honking of a car, you'll all of a sudden crave a [insert candy company's name here]'s chocolate bar! Have you seen that one or is it just here in Canada?

    Anyway, dinners at your place look far more fun and exciting than dinners at ours!!!


  2. ROTFLMFAO. You did, C., and then Blogger went crazy psycho like Tess on OLTL and I lost your comment.
    If I posted a picture of the end results I bet you'd either puke or lose all desire for a sundae. I'm still sick.
    No, I haven't seen that commerical, that's blatant Pavlov, mamma!
    Well, it was Karen and Phil 3's place and since Phil 3 was off with Phils 1 & 2 and the rest of the whoppatooli boys (Italian cousins), this is how we ate.
    The sad part is that this is how we ate because he wasn't there to feed us. He is the best cook in the family—boy am I glad my mother isn't online like yours, she'd pitch a fit if she read that.

  3. Oh, no...My Mom doesn't know I have a blog! LOL! At least I HOPE she doesn't know I have a blog (because sometimes I talk about her! LOL!) She'd KILL ME!!

    I just introduced her to Crackbook. That's as far as I'm willing to 'let her in' (into my cyber life, that is)!!!! ;)

    I'm off to a meeting in a few minutes but I'm about to post a shout out for your blog. Hope that's cool with you.


  4. How do you do it, that's all I want to know, C.? Here I'm lounging because my eyes are dilated (from an eye exam, not special candy) instead of going out for a walk. Which I will. After The Simpsons. Think I'll eat first.

  5. Hi Jeanna!
    I'm here because C told me to! No realy, she did!

    Ice Cream sundaes for dinner sound good to me! When my friend was pregnant and was constantly craving Banana Splits, I'd do my friendly duty of going with her and enjoying a Sundae do dinner. Gotta support my friends!

  6. *wah* I wanna eat at your house. You have ice cream and I have Papa Murphy's bargain basement pepperoni. *it's sad, really really sad, sniffle*

  7. Hi Cherry, well if Chrissy told you to what choice did you have?
    They started out as banana splits, but ended up as something a little more disgusting. At least mine did.
    C. might have that excuse, but none of us do. Unless one of the dogs is pregnant.

  8. You're welcome any time, Jodi. Pizza sounds a helluva lot better. And compared to that crazy mess, a lot healthier.
    Waahhh, I want pizza.

  9. My, what cute babies you have!!!!!

  10. Thanks, Michelle, but they belong to various relatives. They are a sweet group though, that's for sure.

  11. Did ya hear that cargo plane leavin' w/your package?

  12. That's a great dinner! Fuzzy tongue? Yip! :) You have such a great dog!

  13. If you're dropping a load of Republicans over Wisconsin, James, you better aim north.

  14. Even though I'm the cool aunt, Roscoe is my cousin, or something.
    He does have a fuzzy tongue in that photo. You can see it if you click on it. I think it's a mouth full of his own fur.

  15. Here you go, Jeanna! The Crispy Crunch commercial I was talking about:

    and part 2:

    Seriously, the most horrible commercial ever made. It's not the hypnosis that makes you remember "Crispy Crunch" chocolate bars! What you remember is how bad the commercial is!!!

  16. You're right, C., those are oddly pathetic commercials. Are they Canadian or British? Dang. I could see those playing at a midnight movie full of drunks and stoners.

  17. Eddy's ice cream eh!? I've never heard of it! myself!! You should be havin Ben and Jerries Jeanna!! I may be biased as I used to work for them, but they make some incredible ice cream :)


  18. Hi Jim, how's school going?
    Edy's is comparable to Ben & Jerry's, which is even more outrageously priced for teeny tiny little containers of ice cream. Besides I wanted Pumpkin.
    The best around here is Babcock, but this was a last minute thing.

  19. Sadly, I think the commercials are Candian, Jeanna! LOL! *sigh*

  20. Ooops! *Canadian*!!!

    P.S. Haha! Yeah, was at the mall the other week and a bunch of teenagers were talking about the commercial. They were saying how "frickin' awesome" that commercial was and how it really works! Every time they heard a car honk, they'd want to go out and get a Crispy Crunch bar. I looked at my husband and said, "I think those kids are stoned!" LOL!

  21. Hey C., you know where I heard of Crispy Crunch bars? In an episode of Made In Canada, one of the funniest shows ever made which still refuses to come out on DVD past the first season.
    P.S. I found an ominous package from James waiting on my doorstep this afternoon. How frightened should I be?
    P.P.S The kids highjacked almost all of your Hi-Chews on Saturday. Then I had to eat the rest. Lemon is the best so far I think.

  22. Jeanna university (college as you call it) is going great thanks ... im doing my final year though so the workload is tough ... im still managing to find time to maintain the site each day though ... I can't be slacking from the mission now :)

    You have to love the random ice cream dinners :) being a student and all it dosen't take much to convince me to slack of cooking and reach for the freezer! I must say yours did look very healthy with all that fruit!!


  23. Jeanna, I'm anxious to hear about the package waiting on your doorstep! LOL! I'd be afraid to open it! VERY afraid! ;) At least it wasn't a horse's severed head in your bed. Sorry, too many mob movies.

    Hijacked the Hi-Chews? Say it ain't so! LOL! ;)

    Oh, do you get Crispy Crunch over there? If not, then that's something else I can add to your parcel before I send it off. What other Canadian candies do you not have in the States?

  24. Hey Jim, and think how good it would all taste dunked in chocolate. Don't let your blog get in the way of your studies. I say this from experience, having been in school for most of my life.

  25. I know where to get the freshest Hi-Chews, C., so no worries. Actually I just finished off a pack meant for you watching the Heroes premier.
    I only know about Crispy Crunch because of The Industry (Made In Canada) and thought it was made up until you mentioned it.
    Haven't opened Jimbo's package yet (he'd like that one), want to photograph it as I found it by the door, then see if there are little Republicans stuffed in there.

  26. You're gonna need to rename your blog Wisconsin Candy and Dog Dish! Your dogs are STARS!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Did you know Aaron Rogers hails from Chico, CA....where my bloggy-mistress lives?

  28. Hey, Olga, that's a great suggestions. I never know when I'm going to hang with Roscoe, though. This week at Dogtoberfest should prove a source of endless amusement.
    I didn't know that about A-Rodg. Did you know that Tony Romo was from Burlington, WI, not that you're from TX.
    I'm cheering the kid on, good riddance Favre!


  30. Yeee hawww, Olga. Who wudda thought? I am honored.
    Dang, you're reminding me it's time to post again.
    But all the chocolate I'm writing about has gotten all melted and eaten.
    And the sun is out.
    Damn sunshine.


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