Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guest Blogger Lisa: Is A Trouper


When I hear the word "candy" I come running. I was thrilled to find so many goodies in my mailbox.


I started with the Creatableit was a lot of fun to get to play with my food before eating it. I made a cool bracelet then tried not to bite my own arm while eating it. LOL. They reminded me a lot of strawberry licorice in taste—not bad. The package said that there were several flavors inside, but I really thought they all tasted the same.


Fear Factor
Frog Legs with crunchy candy bones and gooey sugar sauce had me going. I would never eat a bug, this is about as close as I would get. The blood tasted like liquid sucker—very sweet. And it seemed the leg could be chewed forever.


Haden tore into that frog leg. "Super Gross" is right. But if you like a sugar high, I think you’d like these.


While I absolutely loved looking at the ant farm and find it so creative, I did not want to actually eat an ant—remember I’m a no-bugs kinda gal. My son crunched right through it as well, tasted like hard sugar candy and you really didn’t notice the ants at all.


The Wonka Kazoozles were great, similar to the little candies that are like Tootsie Rolls but come in other flavors. Chewing them took me back to my childhood of raiding grandma’s candy dish. As you chewed, the cherry flavoring got a little over the top for me, I wouldn’t mind if they toned it down a bit.


The Box of Boogers had me grossed out just looking at the box. When I opened it to find them all different colors I thought the makers were a little out there. But as I looked at the candy, I thought of all the 10-year-old boys who would love to gross people out by eating the boogers. So I recommend a box for every boy’s Christmas stocking this year.


I convinced myself that they didn’t look too bad, just the name was gross. So I popped one into my mouth to take for a whirl. I took them at their word that they look and feel like the real thing. The more you chew, the gooey, the slimier, and wetter they get—just plain disgusting. My son loved them though.


My older son Mikal thoroughly enjoyed the Snickers. He thought, and I agree, that it tasted like a regular Snickers. It seems the young 20-somethings enjoy the thought they’re getting overdosed on caffeine and revved up to the max. Very tasty chocolate, my favorite kinda candy.


Watermelon sucker? Count me in. I snagged this one before anyone else could. Mine, it’s all mine. Delicious, much better than a Dum Dum, lots of flavor, and the thing’s so huge it will last me the rest of the year. Apparently you can get different lips if you don’t like these. But I think it’s an improvement, don’t you?

Thanks Jeanna for letting me step out of my diet and sample some of the good stuff. I’m always happy to be of service.

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  1. Great, fun, stuff, Lisa.
    Your pictures are bitchin'.

  2. Thanx! I had a lot of fun with the candy once I found a moment to play. :) Sorry it took me longer than I thought it would. :) *hugs*

  3. Anytime you're game, hon', candy will come your way.

  4. Too cool! That was a blast to look at!

  5. I don't think I would like the ant farm ones either. I am not one for candy but every once in awhile I get a hankering for something chewy, or sometimes a hard candy.

  6. Is Lisa not crazy talented, vchelle? Gross stuff has NEVER looked so good.

  7. Loved the Ant Farm, don't think I'd touch it on a bet, but am getting pretty good at getting other people to eat some very questionable stuff.

  8. Hmmmm...I guess I've led a sheltered life when it comes to candy? I remember a hot chic in highschool named Candy!
    Why does edible pa.....
    Better not go there?

  9. Why does edible pan fish sound so good?
    Why does edible Pantera paraphernalia sound so wrong?
    Why does edible paranormal literature taste so other wordly?

  10. Why does Squirrel underwear sound so wrong? Cause that's where they store their nutz?
    Get those squirrel panties off your head girl!
    BTW.....please tell me you don't like "Pantera"?????

  11. I may have been to a Pantera concert, but it was the 80s and it could have been Gwar.
    And yeah, sometimes I land on the metal station. Wait, I think it was the Butthole Surfers. I'd ask the guy I went with but fairly certain he's dead or in prison.

  12. Great post Lisa but I just couldn't take the ants and boogers!!! My boys on the other hand would love them too especially if they could gross other people out with them ::gag::

  13. wow, the booger candy was gross and disgusting. And it got slimier?? Ewwww....

  14. But so beautifully photographed

  15. The Ant Farm photo is pretty funny, check out the ant eye on the left.

  16. Well, I finally got caught up on your blog (beautiful fireworks photos), and I just have to say that this candy entry REALLY turned my stomach. Oh my gawd, how gross, I'm so glad you didn't send me THIS stuff. Lisa IS a trooper.


  17. Isn't she though? I have to admit her photos of this candy, especially the boogers and frog legs are some of my fav photos of all time.
    Don't know how that little p and s gets those fireworks photos year after year, but it does a good job, especially w/that pre packaged lens. Canon, is the Mac of cameras.

  18. LOVE this post. Lisa always has the greatest photos.

  19. I am in love with her candy photos. Someone should be paying her BIG frakin' money for those. Not me, but someone.

  20. The Fear Factor Frog Legs reminded me that we used to have a candy in the UK called 'Bursting Bugs' a blackcurrant jelly sweet in the shape of beetles, filled with liquid strawberry sauce. I remember my boyfriend bought a packet and just couldn't bring himself to eat them!!! I kept saying, but its only candy - but to be honest, they were pretty gross, think they've been discontinued now!

  21. Sounds like my kinda candy, CB.
    There was a contest with our local baseball team where if you ate a live beetle you got an all you can eat and drink game ticket. Not just all you can eat beetles either.

  22. Hey Jeanna I can't believe that Snickers Charged got the thumbs up! I thought it had an odd bitter aftertaste due to the caffiene ... thumbs down from me im afraid ... the candy not the website :D


  23. I didn't like it either, Jim. I also didn't like the fudge Snickers, but it was better than that energy bar thing.
    New candy wise, I'd say the Cranberry Raisinetes are the best.


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