Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eat Candy Win Stuff

Cause For Play logo
Itmust be months or even weeks since I've given away candy. Thanks to Nestlé Crunch, it's time once again to see how far small bars of chocolate travel in warm weather.
Giveaway wise, Nestlé is giving away a residential playground set and play buckets like the one pictured below.
They're trying to redirect all that sugar energy into an effort called Cause for Play which includes a playbook for kids working with limited space. It reminds you how to play Red Rover, use colored chalk, and turn a Rock Garden into a Pet Rock Garden. I like that last one.
Backintheday, it was out the door in all weather, be there for lunch, and back outside until dark. The neighborhood was our playground.

Prize bucketThe Prize

To win big, grab Fun Bags (I know some of you are good at that), enter codes, and try to win a playground set and money. Nestlé dontates .25 to KaBoom! for each code you enter. If you win their contest you get a playground set, $3,500, and help choose who receives a community playground worth 30 grand.
If you win my contest you get a plastic bucket. No, really, look at all the stuff you get in there, those kids from the campground will be all over this.
Runners up get a post card promoting the new blog on which I can't get comments to work oh how I hate computers.

Most Amazing Truffles
The Contest
➳ Come up with an original Nestlé Crunch candy bar recipe using food items you'd find around your house

Ex. S'More Leftovers
-Take one Nestlé Crunch candy bar softened in glove compartment
-Scrape from wrapper with leftover fortune cookies from Chiang Jiang
-Place on uneven graham cracker chunks
-Sprinkle with colored mini marshmallows you never used last Christmas
-Melt in microwave or toaster oven, add crumbled fortune cookies


Submit your best kid game or playground story
Mine involves peeing on JoAnn Muldowney.

Winners will be announced in the next few weeks. Contest closes as soon as I get some good recipes or stories.

Play bucket photo and Cause for Play logo courtesy of Nestlé. The
Nestlé playground contest is limited to U.S. residents.


  1. Interesting contest. I wanna hear about peeing!

  2. duckcreek4:42 PM

    One of those buckets is ours

  3. Best get going on those recipes and stories then, cuz we already have one winner.

  4. All the good contests are always limited to residents of the U.S. ;)

    This said by a friendly neighbour from the North! xo

  5. I'm having a postcard one on the new blog and you're sure to win, C. Thanks for writing on my wall!

  6. Note: We've already got two winners, one bucket remains unwon.

  7. Gotta be quicker than that, U.H. Three little tikes beat ur sunny arse to the punch, or bucket or punch bucket, whatever.
    Wud u like some lovely postcards?

  8. Another time, Lisa.


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