Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oi, Taste Testers (how lazy can I get)

Anyone interested in taste testing some lovely milk chocolate Cranberry Raisinets?

Cranberry RaisinetsYour input will be part of a group post unless someone wants to review the product separately.
I'm liking this More Fun, Less Work thing.

So Far: Chrissy, Lisa, and me. Maybe I'll turn this thing into a Wiki...The Wisconsin Wikidish.


  1. Me! Me! I'll do it! LOL! ;)I love cranberries and I love Raisinets!

    Hey, I keep popping over here first instead of heading to the Ched Curtain. Force of habit, I guess!

  2. Holy crap. I was the first to comment!?!?! That is so rare for here.

    Word ver: lacepepsi

    Seriously! Must be an omen or something. Do not drink Pepsi tonight because it may be laced with something. Okay, I seriously need to go to bed. *sigh*

  3. Laced Pepsi? Hollly Crrrap!
    The Curtain's comments, archive, and let's face it, theme are not what they should be, but away I plug.
    Nestle is pretty good at sending stuff out, so I might have it by the end of week and hell, I'll toss in a postcard for ya since I'm sending them out this week too.
    Have been meaning to ask about LO's baptism threads.

  4. I'm happy to review anytime you need it. :)

  5. I did think of you since this one is a little healthier. I'll send you some crainsinets as soon as I get them. Postcards are getting mailed today.
    Thanks, Lisa!

  6. are chocolate-covered craisins as fart-inducing as chocolate-covered raisins? if so, my husband would probably not approve of such volunteer work.

  7. I'll find out and let you know, BB, (laughing).

  8. Yum! Where do you find these things???? :)

  9. They find me, Healthypants.

  10. LO's baptism threads! Oh, my aunt got her baptismal gown in Montreal. Pretty cute, eh? The only thing is she HATED wearing that bonnet! Haha! Poor kid will hate me when she's older. She did kinda look straight out of Little House on the Prairie...except for the fancy bead work and embroidery on the gown.

    Ummmm...Those Craisinets were really good! Although, from my review, you might not think so! I'm very strict when it comes to grading chocolate! I did enjoy them. They were yummy, but...

    Just wait and you'll see what I had to say in my review! ;)

    Thanks! It was fun...As always! :)

  11. I bet she hated the bonnet, I still have bad memories of my Easter bonnet. What a doll, though.
    I don't normally like the big company chocolate, C. Would rather eat fruit than these. They need less or better chocolate. Still like Raisinets though, but don't indulge real often.


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