Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Famous Wisconsinite Are You?

I find this result somewhat troubling

Facebook Quiz resultThanks to my cousin for a weekend spent thinking about the qualities I share with one of the nation's most notorious serial killers.
Take the test on Facebook and find out What Famous Wisconsinite you are.
Excuse me, got some furniture to make.

First three people to take the test get free postcards courtesy of the Ched Curtain.


  1. Haha....the things people will do to get me to join Facebook?????
    Not gonna even go there!!!!
    I'll find the test somewhere out side of Facebook and take it!!!!

  2. I took a different online serial killer test and it said I matched up with Charles Manson??????

  3. No you won't.
    Charles Manson is not from WI.
    You're just afraid you'll come out Tammy Baldwin.

  4. I took four different tests.
    Test one said I was Charles Manson
    Test two said I was Son of Sam
    Test three......the questions were too disturbing to answer? I said the hell with that one!
    Test four said I was Richard Ramirez?
    Now I know none of them are from Wisconsin, but why would that one be any more accurate than the others?
    Tammy Baldwin???? She's a frikkin' Congress woman?????
    Darn?..Wisconsin has cannibalistic serial killers???
    I'll have a little "wino" with my cheese!!!!!!!

    OK....back to mowing the grass before the sun goes down!

  5. Yikes! Too bad you didn't match someone really Liberace. (who went to my highschool)
    I tried to take the test, but the link just sends me to my own Facebook page. I'd love to take the test. Do we have to be FB friends to get it to work?
    Did you know someone is making (another) film about Ed Gein? It was being shot earlier this spring.
    My BF is a serial-killer nut. Whenever we go on vacation, we have to check out all these places. We were just in SF and he went to the Zodiac sites.

  6. I was kinda hoping for Liberace, too, M.R.
    Is Silence of the Lambs about ol' Eddy?
    There was supposed to be a good Jeffery Dahmer movie a while back.
    Click on my FB page so I can add you and see if that works for the test if you like. The person who started this got Chris Farely, who went to my high school.

  7. But you didn't take the right test, James, so no postcards for you.

  8. Gein? You? I don't think so. :)

  9. How do I get to the quiz?!

  10. Hey woman, I think you can click on my FB page, then click on the quiz under the Gein photo and quiz result.
    If not, maybe I need to send it to you.
    Let me know if you can access it or not.

  11. Darn! I missed this post! Oh, Jimbo...see all the things you're missing out on? Man, I tried to get you on FB last year and you didn't succumb. I tried again this year, and nada. How will you ever find out about the stuff Jeanna and I are talking about on FB that involve you? Aren't you the least bit curious? LOL! C'mon...You know you wanna!

  12. He is, C., that boy is worse than my Irish grandma and great Aunt Agnes in a room with a tele, an afternoon of soaps, and a case of Pabst.

  13. That would be troubling, to be compared to Ed Gein! :)

  14. It gives one pause. I guess if it gave me paws it wud be weirder.


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