Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hot Ash

Crazy Gold Scarlet SpiderClick here for Hendrix

Yellow Wheel Tree BlazeOr follow this link for the Woodstock video if the clip below doesn't load

Now that's game, Hendrix.

Dandelion GunpowderI moved around a lot during the 15,000 shell show. I don't have an exact shell count for this year (I would if I were getting paid), but 15k has got to be in the ballpark

Smoky Face OrangeThe ballpark is also at Warner

Orange Puff ArmageddonMany of these shots were taken near or leaning over a safety fence

Smoky Golden Sparkle BurstThey set the fireworks off on an island across from the park shelter

Exorcist AshfallI'm not happy unless I feel hot ash on my face

Sparkly Gold  Waterfall That's hot ash, James

Scarlet Tempest StreakRemember, there's no zoom to speak of on my over taxed point and shoot

Twirly Green and Pink Smoke VeinJust the lens it came with, which was not known for its zoom...let's unplug it from the charger

Italian Sea UrchinIt says 7.2 - 2.8 mm 1:2.0 - 3.0 (riveting color commentary, isn't it)
I think that means if you want a photo of Jermaine Dye in the visitor's dugout at Miller Park, you're schlepping past crunchy old farts, season ticket holders, and incommodious FIBs to get the shot

Tricky GoblinAnd speaking of shot, whether you're a Tricky Goblin

Chemical Effectsor a Chemical Effect

Stay, boyNative

Martian or Visitor

Star Trek AftermathHappy Independence Day


  1. happy 4th, Jeanna. Hot "ash" *snicker*

  2. Get out and enjoy it, Jodi.

  3. Me thinks you and Jodi have an "ash" fetish?

  4. This baby may got back, but not really into them. It's a nice pair of gams for me, James.

  5. Party for me Jeanna. I can't get into it. It just doesn't seem right considering the swine we have in office?
    I know how the Dems felt with all the Bush bashing. But he was just one pig? They have a whole hog house full of them now!!!!!

  6. Just getting home from Belleville so I guess I did. No sign of UFOs though and tonight would have been the perfect time to see them. Lost in the fog on country roads in the wee hours with a sprained ankle and messed up knee.
    Belleville has its own UFO landing strip.

  7. Happy 4th...a day late!

    Haha! Hot ash! YOU'RE a hot ash! ;)

  8. Looks like you had a great time! You are a daring lil thing now aren't ya?! How pretty!! Hope you didn't get burned.

  9. Those are some gorgeous shots!

  10. Thanks, C. there were three days of fireworks to go to this year.

    You have to make due with the equipment you have, Lisa. I got hit with a mortar right in the gut on the Fourth. Some cousins got a few thousand dollars worth of fireworks and lit them off in the yard. Good thing the yard is on a farm.

    Thanks J., they look good on my monitor, but I have a Mac flat screen so you never know.

  11. Those are some really nice shots. Did you have a tripod? Mine never turn out.
    So...was that a real or stuffed animal in the "native" pic?
    Glad you had a nice Fourth.

  12. No tripod, just me clearing through the crowd. I've gotten really lucky with fireworks shots over the years.
    And yes, that was some kind of stuffed wolf or former pet or something.
    Hope you had a good one, mine has crippled me for a week.

  13. mine was boring. I sat and did homework while my kids tried to burn down the neighbor. It didn't work. their house is still there.



  14. I deleted my response, Jodi, because it was pretty much all whining. So either I'm going to stop complaining about my swollen mosquito eye and battered ankle and knee or do an entire post where I bitch...decisions.
    Anyway, I think your kids need bigger fireworks, the kind that hits you with a flaming mortar wad.

  15. Would you like some "Whine" with your "ash"????
    Speaking of ash!
    Where's the Michael Jackson post?

  16. Omygosh.....I was refering to his skin color.....not as in ashes to ashes!!!!! I'm not that cruel!!!!
    Beat it!

  17. I wish I could take good pics of fireworks!

    BTW, finally posted the pic of Little One in her Team Edward onesie for you...even if you are a werewolf lover! ;) Owwwwoooooooooo!!!!

  18. Either way, James.

  19. And here I was thinking it would be scary. Love it, and I think she needs a little widow's peak.

  20. I was thinking the same thing about the widow's peak! I actually said that today. Then I thought, "Wait! What she needs now is more hair!" LOL!

    She had tons of dark hair when she was born, and then it fell out. It's now growing back in, but lighter. She's got the same colour hair as John does. Light brown, with a few blonde strands and a bit of auburn.

  21. --sounds like pretty hair. :)

    Jeanna--he did have the uber extra large, sounds like a sonic boom fireworks. It was so loud he had to crouch down and cover his ears.

    I thought it was the fireworks from the church one neighborhood over. Pretty impressive.

    Hope your eye is back to normal and you battered body parts are, too.

    btw--you like kitsch? You have kitsch headed your way from the conference. Whattaya get when you put four thousand romance writers in the same hotel? Bookmarks with semi-nekkid guys, fans with pecs, and every kind of promo known to mankind.

    (although I thought the printed condoms with the woman's info on it from three years ago was the best, I took a handful and gave them out to everyone I knew)

  22. Yeah, that does sound pretty, C. She is getting soooo big and those eyes.
    Her hair fell out? Poor little bald baby :)
    I think she's really a wolf girl and that's why no peak.

  23. Love kitsch, love the thought of your kids firing off class A fireworks in a neighborhood.
    The eye is not quite there, and the rest just sucks. Of course to top it off, it's Shark Week.
    Yeah, bring on the naked guys, unless they're utterly disgusting.
    So that means you've got a bit of free time then? Hmmm...

  24. Ain't it bout time to get your "ash" in gear, and get that Cheddar Curtain up and running?

  25. Waiting on someone's post, not mentioning any names, Lisa.


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