Friday, July 10, 2009

Hanging Out In New Glarus

Old doorMosquitoI love New Glarus, you can walk around buildings that look like this without fear of mug or thuggery. There are no more mosquitoes in New Glarus than anywhere else in Wisconsin, but they have been on a tear of late and will be devouring me alive within the hour. There's one on the computer right now.

Disgruntled cowThis is one disgruntled bovine standing in front of Roberts, a great little Swiss gift shop. You have to put up with her dirty looks before stepping inside to peruse cow bells and fondue kits.

There's also a comprehensive collection of Swiss army knives and yodeling cds inside, and the owners' daughter speaks three languages (English, Swiss German, and German).
She can't wait to get the hell out of New Glarus and was last seen waiting on customers barefoot. She has a very impressive knowledge of knives for a maybe not even yet twenty something.
Our last guest blogger is mixing up a batch of sugar in the candy kitchen, so unless anyone else would care to contribute to The Dish before it either goes silent or publishes far less often, we'll just hang out here, James, Mr. Maybe I'll Upload A Video This Month If I Feel Like Posting At All who after six days gets on my ash.

Cow ButtI wasn't even supposed to be writing anything here come July; take a look at the month of "May" why don't you?
Besides, my host says the alias domain won't leave pending status and is slaving on my real domain name so I should remember to use the root folder before I upload a theme which won't work for either another hour or 24.
Do you see why I hate computers?

But I love this building and the sky was really that blue that day. The pool and park are across the street and harbor events such as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog cart pulling parades. I will tell you right now, I am in love with the GSMD.
Flying insects are calling for my ash at the pool, so have a Spotted Cow while waiting for our next and possibly last Guest Blogger, Lisa.

Spotted Cow sign


  1. Holy Cow bells? You mean I'm first post?

  2. Ha, had to get that first one out of the way before someone beat me to it!
    I like those "Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs". Never heard of them before? I would want a minature version though.
    I learn so much visiting your blog.

  3. You'd miniaturize the GSMD? You cad! Remember who still has your birthday present buried under a week's worth of crap in her overpriced loft before you start dialing down the dogs I love.

  4. I like the way that "don't touch the cow" sign is near her ash. :)

  5. Makes it easier not to touch.

  6. although, someone obviously got a bit physical with the sign! out of frustration for not being able to touch the cow, i suppose.

  7. Probably one of those darn Mt. dogs.

  8. Wow...that's golden!

  9. And up again go the filters.

  10. I love New Glarus too! The skeeters have been bad everywhere lately. Sorry the computer is giving you fits - mine's no better!

  11. It's more like the penis enhancers and teeth whiteners, Lisa. Does that sort of spamertising ever work?


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