Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lactose Tolerant

JackieIn case you didn't know: June IS Dairy Month

Testers' Take
Babcock's Grasshopper ice cream wasn't for Jackie, she's not a mint ice cream or bug eater. Grasshopper is still available as a regular flavor according to the Dairy Store's Online Menu, which should be almost completely ignored. You must go there in person, fighting all the over achievers in the lake shore dorms for Badger Camp.

Grasshopper ice creamBug's granny didn't like the School of Medicinnamon either, although she described it as, "A piece of coffee cake in the morning with ice cream on it."
And what, may I ask, is wrong with that? Toss on a hunk of Asiago cheese with a malted on the side and I'm there.
The Double Scotch was too butterscotchy for her, and she wanted her double shot cut with vanilla ice cream.
She thought the Cotton Candy tasted like "ice cold cotton candy," making it sound so good I forgot how much it really sucked.
None of the adults liked the Chocolate Cookie.
Last seen eating: Three scoops of Pineapple Cake ice cream instead of her morning egg. She says it tastes like my mother's cheesecake and a banana split. Both excellent breakfast foods.

Roscoe PineappleKaren Didn't like the Grasshopper, Cotton Candy, or Chocolate Cookie. She found the first two smacked of artificial flavors, claiming Roscoe wouldn't eat the Cotton Candy off the floor. (I've seen him eat cigarette butts out of an ash tray to get to pizza crust.)
The Grasshopper was over mintified and the Chocolate Cookie was just too much, but Karen loved, loved, loved the School of Medicinnamon.

Karen ice creamShe also loved the Pineapple Cake which reminded her of Italian ice, only creamier.
The Double Scotch was just the morning pick-me-up Karen needed when I burst in all adrip with BGH. She even tasted coffee in her double scotch. Good for you, Karen.
Last seen eating: A bowl of Double Scotch.
Bug said, "It's too hot for ice cream."
He did, however, shove an entire roll of blue raspberry bubble gum tape from the Island in his mouth and later come lurking about with an empty bowl ala Oliver Twist.
Kids these days with their Rock Band and their Blu-ray and their bowls of gruel.

Bug cow gumI don't know about you, but we were brought up to eat ice cream for breakfast. Maybe that's why Bill Cosby's Chocolate Cake For Breakfast is so funny to the lactose tolerant crowd.
Last seen eating: Chocolate Cookie ice cream.
MIA: Raspberry Cheesecake


  1. You're still eating ice cream? Hope you're not floating away!

  2. Yeah, Lisa, funny you should mention that. I'll have to get this next post up pronto.
    How's by you? The relatives that ventured up your way had quite a time getting there and back.

  3. LOL! OMG!!! I am reeeeeeeeeeeally craving ice cream now! I actually had TWO scoops of black cherry ice cream on a waffle cone yesterday. Mmmm!

  4. I'm looking for the next best thing to send you as we speak. I mean it was in the living room and got sucked into the vortex of chaos. A clerk over by the gas station told me to send you ice cream. Not too bright over by the gas station.

  5. Oh chocolate cake! I LOVE chocolate cake for breakfast! (And I grew UP on that Cosby album!)

    Where are the udders?

  6. You'll hook up with any ol' teet, won't ya, Olga?
    I'm glad someone else knows what I'm talking about. Kids, or calves, whatever, these days.


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