Thursday, June 19, 2008

Emily's Chocolate-Covered Fruit

Emily's Fruit"Are you Wisconsin Candy Dish?"
"Why yes. Yes I am."
A delivery guy showed up with a box of chocolate-covered fruit from Emily's the other day, still chilly in it's cold storage pack. I didn't think those things actually worked, but they do. Mmm, thermal control.
Maybe the thick, waxy coating on the Everyday Chocolates from Emily's Everyday Treasures helped keep them from melting. Like they did minutes after arranging them in candy dishes on Nitro Nanci's garden table. And of course Nanci has to rearrange everything; so that didn't help.

If you like sugar with your sugar, I mean fruit, this is a less guiltier than usual pleasure.
The worst I can say about this candy, is that the chocolate gets in the way of some succulent dried fruit.
The strawberries and cherries tasted the best, countering the thick, waxy dark chocolate with their girth, and in the cherry's case, a sweet tartness. They're made from sour cherries which taste nothing like the ones we used to chuck over the fence into the Erdman's backyard because, well, we hated them. We threw rotten apples from the Prestigiacomo side, and rotten plums, tomatoes, cherries, and apples from ours. A malevolent fruit salad.
Judging from the mouthful of strawberry chocolates Nanci shoved in her mouth (you do not want to see that photo), she preferred the Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.
She managed to say, "Mmpff, good. Cost at store? Bllmmpff, haven't seen them. Strawberry."

Emily's Blueberries
There was something odd going on with one of the blueberry chocolates. I was eating them by the handful, thinking, "Blueberries and dark chocolate, how healthy am I. Where are the pork rinds?"
Then I ate one which tasted like my last lip wax.
However, despite radioactive dog drool which had to be scrubbed off Silkwood style, and the feeding frenzy which was last night's Mallard's game, I polished off the last of them without incident when I got home. (The funky animal in question is Rufus, who dragged me around the duck pond like a discarded peanut shell stuck to his fur. More on the mammoth St. Bernard later.)
I would get a pack of the cherry Emily's, and the strawberry is not without its charm. The cranberry? Eh. The chocolate blueberries might be okay on a road trip.
If there were a thin milk chocolate coating on Emily's chocolate-covered fruit, I'd be eating them right now.


  1. OH.

    I had to wipe the drool from my mouth as I read this post!

    I've tried chocolate covered fruit before (not Emily's though). All I can say is YUM! I like the blueberry and mango ones the best. Some of the other fruity flavours are good, okay, and totally gross. I think I liked the pineapple ones too. Can't remember which ones I didn't like, but I remember there being two or three flavours that grossed me out.

  2. I've been looking at Emily's for a couple of months, and going for okay with Choxie. I was kind of iffy about chocolate covered fruit. Well, except for raisins.

    hmm...strawberries? Maybe I'll try those cherries. :)

  3. You have been tagged (sorry!!!) LOL! You don't have to do the meme though ;)

  4. Hey C.,
    The blueberry kind of grew on me, but I preferred the cherry or strawberry. That's mostly because I didn't like the chocolate. The pineapple sounds too crazy sweet.
    I never found your ice cream shirt, the insanity of my living room literally sucked it up into a Hawking black hole.
    You really thought this stuff looked yummy? I'd say get some fresh strawberries instead.

  5. They might get a little messy in the sun, Jodi, so you should be okay. How's the new life treating you?

  6. Wax & chocolate should never be used in the same sentence...unless you are describing yucky chocolate...which I guess you were...? I LOVE chocolate (sans wax) covered orange slices...mmmmmmm!

    Did I ever tell you I covet your candy-tasting job?

  7. Ooooh, chocolate covered raisins rock too.

  8. LOL! Jeanna...Most things look yummy to me these days!! Actually, that's a lie. Most things that never used to look yummy to me now look yummy. Others just make me nauseous.

    Someone asked me if I was having any weird cravings and up until yesterday I wasn't. All of a sudden, I woke up at midnight, telling Hubby that I REALLY wanted Hawaiian pizza! LOL! I used to never like pizza, but now I just crave the sweetness of the pineapple and the contrast of the slightly salty ham. Crazy!

    I ate half a pint of fresh strawberries last night...along with a handful of cherries! LOL!

  9. You're right, Olga. They should not. I bit into one of the blueberries and got a mouth fulla wax. Ptttooey. But other than that they were okay. The choc raisin people would probably go for the cran and blueberries.
    I'll agree with you has far as a movie box of Raisinets, but that's as far as I can go.
    Yeah, it's a tough job. The delivery guy caught me off guard this time.

  10. I hear ya on the fruit, C. I was too exhausted to walk up the stairs to bed last night, yet I was chowing down on Cheerios and raspberries into the wee hours.
    Do you grow your own fruit?
    Funny about the Hawaiian pizza. The ham and pineapple are great, it's just why put them on a 'zza?
    Next thing I know you'll be eating taco pizza.

  11. My Gawd
    Just look at the 3 coincidences????

    I have a precious dawg named "Emily".

    I/we ran a 5K saturday morning at the Blueberry Festival in Burgaw.

    I had Blueberry Lemonade last night with supper. they have chocolate covered prunes?

    Ya might could use some chocolate "Truck Nutz" too!!!

  12. hmmm sounds like you didnt have much luck with the blueberries! You should try the dark chocolate covered blueberries from Trader Joes!! They are simply sublime!!


  13. Now these sound tempting. I like pretty much all chocolate. :)

  14. Hey Jim, I was about to go into the local Trader Joe's and changed my mind. I spend way too much money when I'm there. Truth be told, I'm into fresh fruit right now. And my favorite candy is the chewy, gummy stuff anyway.

  15. You might like them, Lisa. They seem to travel well. I may buy the cherries and strawberries to share.

  16. Yo, Jimbo. I missed your sorry arse thare for a mo'. You know Truck Nutz would be a good salty chocolate nut snack.(I said "snack" not "sack.") Maybe we could pitch it to nudist colonies.
    I did think of baby Emily girl when I got these.
    How are the girls these days? How they liking "the other?"
    You were drinking lemonade? Hard lemonade?


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