Monday, June 16, 2008

A Walk On The Wet Side

After The Aftermath

Houses didn't collapse into draining lakes around here, but things weren't quite right with a few objects al fresco.

No WakeA picnic table submerged in water is just what those upstart ducks need. And remember boys and girls, don't eat lunch at Mendota Park in sandals—a Lake Mendota duck will nibble your toes. And now that the picnic tables are a bit moist, you're bait.

Flooded benchIs that where I left the Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream?

Cash the DobieLet's have another look.
Can anyone resist a Doberman in sunglasses?

Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream Cheesecake swimming in raspberry ice cream (swimming in Lake Mendota). Mmm, melty.

Stocked upBack in my freezer you go, prodigal ice cream.

Picnic PointDoes anyone remember where we parked the car?

TadpolesThe parking lot belongs to Them! now.

Mike's Hard tadpolesHas Yo Jimbo been here?


  1. I have not experienced the flooding but it has to be horrible. I remember the flood (in MO) of 93 shutting down highways and such but apparently this one has shut down part of the Interstate! Amazing!

    And yeah, BIG differences in TX and WI. I love the weather up here, hated it there and here things are all northwoodsie, down there all cowboyie. :)

  2. I loved the Hill Country in Texas, and had people tell me there are similarities between here and there. We were pretty lucky when you look at what is all around us flood wise. Not good for the traveling, that's for sure.
    Yeah, I'm not up for going through Beloit to get to Miller Park.
    I think both states have their fair share of rednecks.

  3. I see it on MSN, but it's more up close and personal when you share pictures. (of ice cream,lol!!) (and ducks)

    school of medicinanmom?

    (that's a real good name!)

  4. Hey,those tadpoles seem to like the hard stuff better than I do?
    I bet that makes em feel froggy!
    Cute Dobie!

  5. We have been seeing this on the news and its awful. (not the ice cream, the
    You are lucky it didn't get to you!

  6. Hope you're feeling better, Jodi woman. We didn't get it too bad in comparison.

  7. The Dobi's name is Cash. He was being socialized at a restaurant on the square. The whole thing was very European.

  8. Yeah, Feathers, we're lucky it stopped raining or we'd be in for a real taste.

  9. We need more rain here, there is nothing like a good rain to make your garden look pretty. Watering from a water hose is just not the same. I know you guys are sick of rain! Send some to Tennessee..:)

  10. You're right about the plants, I have things growing on my porch that started up on their own, Feathers.
    Since I've ignored my garden completely, not knowing if I'll have to move or not, I'm calling it my "You're On Your Own" garden.
    The grass is always greener, eh?

  11. I knew Ice Cream had magical powers. Survivor Ice cream!!! But seriously--sheesh. The flooding looks really terrible. I was just at an art fair in Brooklyn as a vendor (did I mention it was an outdoor affair?) and got totally flooded on. So me and the cheesecake ice cream...survivors!

  12. That's A LOT of water!!!

  13. You're right, Spy (you're like April Dancer), it does have magical powers. The power to completely blow your diet. So do cannolis. You're posts just kill me!
    I didn't know Brooklyn had that kind of trouble as well. They have enough problems.
    I'm still thinking about Caputo's and Juanito's.

  14. C., that's nothing. Got detoured home, but next stop is the P.O.

  15. WoW...we've been suffering from fires 'round here...could use a little of that rain...and ice cream.
    Glad you're OK!!!

  16. Are you flame redardant, Olga?

  17. WOW! I can't even imagine what it's like to have that much water everywhere. I live on an island (apparently it's "the largest fresh water island within a fresh water island that has over a hundred fresh water lakes" in the world) and I often wonder what would happen if we had a flood. Eeek!

  18. You're on an island within an island? Boggles the mind.


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