Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Candy Series: Sour Jujyfruits

What says blockbuster like a box of Jujyfruits? Okay, Icees, popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, whatever you can sneak into the theater. If I'm nibbling Jujyfruits I'm probably at the movies, and no matter how bad it gets (Love Guru), you're eating Jujyfruits and flicking popcorn at the loud mouth in front of you.
Not that I'd do that. Peanut shells work best.
Sour Jujyfruits don't flick well, and like revenge, are best served cold. They're too soft and taste like uncooked JELL-O. Better just out of the fridge, Sour Jujyfruits don't travel well. Their tartness can't overcome their blandness, making each flavor difficult to distinguish. They are the original Jujyfruits' boring evil twin.
The flavors are supposed to be Lime, Grape, Lemon, Raspberry, and Orange. I'd rename them: Something Sour, That's a Little Different I Guess it Could be Grape, Kind of Like a Melted Lemon Drop, Some Kind of Berry I Can't Believe I'm Eating These After Taking Photos of Them on a Picnic Table Full of Duck Poop, and Something Else Sour.
There's a whole world of gummy and sour gummy candies out there and these don't compare.

Reg JujyfruitsStick with the original Jujyfruits and keep reaching for the Sour Patch Kids.

Jujyworthy Movies:
Get Smart
The movie is surprisingly loyal if not as funny as the Mel Brooks and Buck Henry series. But then again, I'm no longer eight. It's got potential and a few laugh out loud guffaws. The kids in the audience were chatting up the dance scene after the movie.
Spoiler Alert
: Bill Murray in a tree is hilarious.
Anne Hathaway channels Barbara Feldon, Steve Carell looks the part and makes an interesting nerd, Alan Arkin rejoins Carell (Little Miss Sunshine) as an Edward Platt plus, and the not so surprise character at the end is another piece of almost perfect casting. The almost is Terence Stamp—give us a better Siegfried!

Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. and some slick SFX save the film. I was more interested in his booze soaked party boy than his Iron Man. Jeff Bridges makes a lousy villain, Gwyneth Paltrow is good and unexpected as Pepper Potts, and Terrence Howard is wasted as the understanding hard-nosed-but-not-really, military guy. Good action, needs more bad boy, certainly not a problem for Downey Jr. (he was so sweet when they shot Back To School here while Rodney Dangerfield was a grumpy old dick. If you want the real dish, ask the caterer).

Kung Fu Panda

Vince (age 17) wanted to see this movie, and I think Bug (on punishment, couldn't go) did too. We loved it, the audience loved it. Funny, well-paced, see it.
Orange Jujy


  1. Patti5:36 PM

    I'm so disappointed. Sour Jujyfruits sound so good.

  2. In the UK Maynards Winegums are the king of gummies...they simply cant be touched :D :D the sour ones are to die for aswell. These juicy fruits look pretty nice aswell though! I will have to try them sometime!

  3. Maybe if you keep them in the fridge. Or better yet don't buy them. I'm a Sour Patch kid myself.

  4. I love Maynards Winegum. They beat the Sour Jujys, but the original Jujyfruits are so classic, even DOTS don't measure up.
    And congrats on your write up. I used to read The Guardian online when they ran Bridget Jones as a series.

  5. My mom has always like jujubees (is that how I spell it?) But sour? I just don't like sour. Bet my kids would though. :)

  6. I got a box of Jujubes in a birthday box of candy and just loved them. Had some recently and not so much. Too small and too sweet. Love the sour stuff, but these don't cut it. I like the original Jujyfruits when they're stale.

  7. Ohhhh! Now I'm craving sour patch kids, fuzzy peaches, Swedish berries...

  8. I forgot you like those fuzzy peaches. Someone, maybe Patti, was talking about gummi fried eggs the other day. Original Jujyfruits rule. Do you have them up there? You must. Jim is right about those Maynards Winegums. Almost.

  9. Thanks Jeanna it was quite the suprise to me the Guardin thing!

    Oh and im so totally right about Maynard Wine Gums...they even do a half sugar version now for those watching their weight....oh the sour ones are to die for!


  10. I didn't know they did sour or less sugar, Jim. I've been thinking about getting some lately. I taste a road trip (within reason) coming on.
    That must have been pretty cool to see your blog mentioned.

  11. My son would love this site - candy is his favorite subject;)

    Nice to meet you fellow-Wisconsinite!

  12. You too, Kelly, so you're unstuck from that Velcro Wall?


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