Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back From The Dairy Store

Dairy Store labJune is Dairy month and the Dairy Store Ice Cream menu has melted. The June Menu at Babcock was less than descriptive, and they've already mooved on to July. BGH and warm weather? Here's what I took home from the June Menu:

Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Cookie ice creamIce cream sandwich pieces in chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce
Overkill? Perhaps. It was too rich for the elders, although Vince and Bug seemed to enjoy it.
Two out of five udders

Double Scotch and Cotton Candy
Butterscotch and Cotton Candy FlavorsButterscotch ice cream with butterscotch sauce and spun sugar colored pink then frozen
The Double Scotch was my favorite. Great name, simple concept—butterscotch sauce in butterscotch ice cream. It reminded me of Butter Rum Lifesavers hidden in a sear sucker pocket.
Four-and-a-half udders
half udder

Cotton Candy ice cream effected the weather in the back yard. A front from the steamy morning air and Roscoe's breath met frozen pink sugar, forming a light fog.
I don't think anyone but Jackie (Vince, Bug, and Roscoe's granny) liked the cotton candy, it was too bland and sweet. I'll check the footage and get back to you.
Half an udder
half udder


Dog and GrasshopperLeftover blender drinks from the sixties and ice cream sandwich pieces from the Chocolate Cookie ice cream
I didn't care for it, and Bug was the only one who claimed to like it. I think because of the name.
Half an udder for you, Grasshopper
half udder

Pineapple Cake

KarenPineapple cake flavored ice cream with pineapple pieces
This was the ice cream that drew me to the Dairy Store on a Saturday morning. It was disappointing, missing the citrus bite and large pieces of cake I wanted. Karen and Jackie liked it, will post more from the taste testers later.
Two-and-a-half udders
half udder

Raspberry Cheesecake
Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry twirl and cheese cake hunks
I don't know what it tastes like because someone, Zach, forgot to stack it in the pile with the six other flavors I had him spelunking for. I'll be seeing you soon, Zach.
udder question

The School of Medicinnamon
School of MedicinnamonCinnamon ice cream with praline and caramel swirls
Karen and I loved this premium cinnamon ice cream. Pralines offset the lightly spiced cinnamon; something to snack on while you gorge. Somehow, the swirls of caramel weren't too much. Yum.
Four udders

This menu is dedicated to Sam, Nitro Nanci's Brittany Spaniel, one of the sweetest lap sitting, door-to-door treat scrounging pups to fetch a ball.

Sam w/SuckerWe'll miss ya, boy

Sam photo from Nanci and the Sam Collection


  1. Awwwwwwww...Beautiful photo of Sam.

    Oh, and now I've got an incredible craving for ice cream!!! Those photos are making me drool!

    *sigh* Jeanna, I've been without internet for almost a week and I have LOTS of catching up to do on your blog!!!

  2. Hey, you are more than a little responsible for starting the whole thing with your cow gum and then the pizza and ice cream post.
    How you doing up there, C.?

  3. omg you girls are killing me with this ice cream and pizza, not to mention the blue gum!!! on a cholesterol free diet here!! have some mercy on me!

    i have to read more, did you loose Sam? I lost my Lillybelle last month and it makes me cry still, thinking of her...Sam is beautiful..

  4. I love the lollipop dog. :)

    Ice cream is yummy! And so refreshing. :) Thanks for the pointers on which ones are best.

  5. Those udders are making me HOT.

  6. Hey Zoe, Chrissy started it. I had a big ol' slice of mushroom and sausage pizza cuz of that girl (not Marlo Thomas), not to mention all the ice cream. I'm supposed to be watching:
    and of course, sugar
    Sam was my cousin Nanci's Brittany Spaniel. Both Nanci and Sam have been Dish taste testers. He was a sick ol' boy.

  7. Hey Lisa, have you ever been to the Dairy Store on the Ag part of campus? I always thought it was hilarious that you can hear the cow that helped make your ice cream mooing in the background.

  8. Control yourself you naughty bra!

  9. ahhhh damn sam is cute as hell....nw that icecream supposed to be watching al that stuff tooo...i say screw it...lets do a shot and an ice cream....ahhh yeahhhh

  10. Now you're talking, Zoe. How about an ice cream shot. Talk about brain freeze. I've gotten into lots of trouble on Blender Night, so maybe not.
    Samuel L. was a sweet babi. He just had to sprawl out in your lap and knew by the phone ringing when he could go to the neighbor's house and get treats.

  11. OMG,No wonder Zoe was in such distress about ice cream..hahaha!
    Man-oh-man, that stuff all looks GOOD!
    I may have to dig out my ice cream freezer and make some homemade! It's hot here in Tennessee!

  12. your on baby girl...friday night blender night....let's get in trouble!! tee hee! I'm putting you on my blog roll if thats ok...hell if im gonna get in trouble with someone, i need a link on my blog to find you, in case my vision gets a little blurry...ya get my drift...ha ha!

  13. If it's hot in WI, it's surely hot in TN, Feathers. If it makes you feel any better, I only liked two out of the six June flavors. But I will be hunting down the Raspberry Cheesecake soon.
    Homemade? You are ambitious!

  14. Hey Zoe, I feel a blended blast from my past coming on. Maybe I can make the post about fruit. The kind of fruit you add to a blender drink.
    Thanks for the link, I'll add you to our daily specials.
    Sounds a little frightening, but it doesn't hurt. Much.

  15. Not really ambitious, it makes all by itself in an electric ice cream maker...all I have to do is mix it and pour it
    I went grocery shopping this morning and bought some Breyers Reeses peanut butter cup ice cream....I saw some rasberry cheesecake too. May try that next!
    Gonna have to do some scrubbing on my freezer, it's been in the storage shed since last summer. I just wasn't into that

  16. Yeah, my bad! ;)

    Jeanna, did I tell you that I'm packing up my car and heading down to Cheese Land so you can take me to the Dairy Store???? LOL! Just kidding...but you didn't know I was just kidding! I'm picking up Jimmy and the girls, and we're going to have some decadent ice cream with you and Ms.Mamma!

  17. WOOO HOOO... Go Badgers!

  18. Yeah, Feathers, but you still have to plug it in and mix and pour. Peanut butter ice cream, I'm not sure I'd like that alone, but it would make a great sundae. Hot fudge, bananas, whipped cream...crushed peanuts.
    You should do a post on it if you decide to make some ice cream.

  19. You, Yojimbo, the girls, and Ms. M. are always welcome, but those little rats, I'm not so sure. My cousin's cousin's new dog (got that?) had my arm in it's gingato mouth up to my elbow within a minute of meeting him. A St. Bernard which must have been bred with a pony.
    That Dairy Store is weird, they already had the July menu up this week and act as if Double Scotch never existed. Must be the BGH. Must go wash. I smell like dog something awful. Dang it must be super drool.

  20. Those Badgers know how to milk a cow, Bob.

  21. Oh, Jeanna! Is it horrible that I keep coming back to drool over these photos you've got on here??

    You know, you're making Cheese Land look VERY attractive! I think if I ever do make my way down there, we're going to have to hit BARABOO's first! LOL! You got me hooked on Cow Pies! Mmmmkay, that sounds weird, especially if you live on a farm!

    I just clicked on their link on your sidebar and I noticed that you can order online! It's not the same though. I wanna go there in person! LOL!

  22. P.S. There's a post for you on my blog. *sigh* I'd better get off the computer and get some work done! LOL!

  23. Now that would be a COOL post in more ways than
    When I get up the energy to make it I WILL do a post!
    I really didn't care that much for the ice cream myself, it sounded good at the time
    My daughter will eat it, she is the one that wanted it, I would have tried the raspberry cheesecake kind!!!

  24. I feel for you guys with all the flooding. We haven't been affected up here, lucky us. But this weekend we've been up in St Germaine photoing (I like that word) for a cancer fundraiser thing and apparently all roads leading S, SE are closed due to flooding, but we go 51/39 and they're fine.

  25. Hey C., well now all I can think of is lemon-lime squash. That always sounded so go when they'd order it on tele.
    I've been living on Cheerios, strawberries and fudgesicles. With whatever else anyone wants to feed me. Phil made a gigantar bowl of paella and his mom made two picnic baskets of snacks yesterday.
    Cooking, smooking, not in this weather. Yeah, I know, it's topped out i the low 80s, but still.
    It's hard to order chocolate in the summer. I just got some free samples from Emily's and they were very well packed, but if I hadn't been there to get the package right away, I don't know. They did melt when I took photos.
    Okay, off eat a fudgesicle. My fav right now: Skinny Cow

  26. Yeah Feathers, I have strawberries on the brain anyway. Sounds like a post waiting to happen.

  27. Hey Lisa,
    My cousin's wedding was literally a wash out. They were up there by Friday and every travel story was a mini nightmare. One of the bridesmaids had to take 22 detours! And my cousin, who has MS, had to drive up there himself. It's what, an hour, 45 min. drive, and took him six hours!
    I cancelled a trip to Milwaukee to see the Twinkies at Miller Park, cuz although getting up there would have been a royal pain, getting back seemed too crazy even for me.

  28. A strawberry post sounds great!
    We found wild blackberries growing out by our barn, I have got to check on those today!
    Hope you have a great Sunday!
    I added you to my sidebar, hope you don't mind..:)

  29. Thanks, Feathers, I'd love to know what you make with the wild blackberries. It's the time of year where I'm on the look out for mulberries. They seem to fall from the skies right about now.

  30. Ya had me at "Chocolate Cookie"....yummy!!!!
    Udderly scrumptious!
    Salutes to Sam. He was a fine looking fella! Hope he's gettin' lots of treats where he's restin' now!

  31. What to do with blackberries is a yummy blackberry is awesome!!
    I just planted 2 mulberry trees..:)

  32. Thanks, Yo Jimbo. He was a sweet babi boy always good for a cuddle. Not too long ago he was being extra sweet cuz he knew I was sad about Miss Vickers.
    He's in chow hound heaven for sure.
    Are you a Chocolate Cookie ice cream man?
    I was looking for beer ice cream last year when I found that beer brittle.

  33. Mmm, blackberry cobbler. I got a carton of them once and thought they were nasty on their own. Bet they bake better than they are raw.
    You reminded me I should be on a mulberry hunt.
    Good for you on the mulberry trees, Feathers.


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