Sunday, June 22, 2008

Procrastination Sunday: QBZ Warheads

QBZ WarheadsSummer, baseball, a Sunday drive to visit the Ho Chunk Nation. All reasons why this post is short and sweet. And sour in a good way.
QBZ Warheads were on the new product sale rack at Walgreen's in mid-May so I bought them, ate them alone, ate them on the phone, took a nap, then ate the rest with Butter Snaps.
I tossed a bag to Bug who snarfed them in seconds without comment.
That, from a 12-year-old, is high praise.
The niblet blocks, not as crazy sour as other Warheads, are almost mellow in comparison. They're an approachable snacking size and the colors are fun and appealing. The sour fruit chews are easy for aging (or rotting) teeth to chew, so keep chewing while there's a tooth in your head (the new slogan of the American Dental Association).
This post is dedicated to our youngest taste tester, Bug, wishing him a sweet congratulations on winning yesterday's Home Run Derby at the WMLL ball park.

#1 BugWay to smack a ball, Bug!

Home Run Derby photo by Jackie, aka Bug's granny


  1. Congrats to the Home Run Derby Champ!!!!!!!
    Darn......i was gonna be my regular smart arse self, but I gotta be nice now!
    Don't wanna be a bad influence on the "Bug"!!!!
    Way to go kiddo!!!!!!

  2. Woooo hooo! There's nothing cooler than a Home Run Derby Champ!! ;) Congrats, Bug!

    Jeanna, there's some linky luv for you on my latest post :)

  3. Way-a-go *Bug*!!
    This is very cool!
    Congrats to the home run derby champ!!

  4. He's 12, dealing with smart asses, being a smart ass, is part of life.
    I'll pass it on to him, Jimbo. Actually, he reads the blog more than any other taste tester or relative for that matter.

  5. Ain't you sweet, C.
    I have to agree, they are a perfect combination of sweet and salty and as a rule I'm not a white chocolate kinda person. But I do love me some Badger Claws.
    I was across the street from the Home of the Cow Pie today and thought of you as we passed by. (The Baraboo Candy Co. is across from the Casino.)
    I'll tell Bug congrats from you.

  6. Thanks, Feathers. I'll let him know.

  7. Congrats Bug! Great portrait. :)

    Love the candy portrait too, just don't like that kinda candy. Pretty though.

  8. Hey Lisa, you got me thinking about my favorite clothes stuffed in corners in the closet. Things I couldn't possibly wear again that I just can't part with. Think I'll have another go at the closet.
    Those are my favorite types of candies. My cousin Jackie took the photo.

  9. Really? The Baraboo Candy Company is across from the casino? Somehow that seems so fitting! If you win some $$$, you'll wanna celebrate and what makes people feel better than chocolate? If you lose $$$, what makes people feel better than chocolate? Either way, it's a win-win situation for the BCC! Very clever and strategic location.

    Did you win any money? What do you play at the casino? I'm one of those wussies that only play the slots. My bro taught me how to play poker, but I still don't get it. We got to the casino and I had two Jacks but folded (I had no idea why I did that). My brother was really ticked off with me. Anyway, he's really good poker player. I'm just not much of a gambler. I hate losing.

  10. I did win money because when I won I quit. Didn't spend so much as a buck on food.
    A lot of people don't have chocolate, caramel, and nuts on their mind when they visit the Ho Chunk nation. My mother always wants to stop.
    I90 is still rerouted right past so that helps. I'm feeling very sorry for everyone up there these days.
    I am a wussie who watches a little craps and plays the slots. Started out on the quarters, then nothing but nickels, and now a .02 player.


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