Monday, June 23, 2008

Meme Schmeme: Six Questions

Very few people I'd do this for, Chrissy is one of them.
But I won't enjoy it and I'm only using photos I'm sorting through anyway. (Look at my dad as a baby, and he claims he doesn't have a sweet tooth.)

Harold,Dad,Uncle Ray
Ten Years Ago
I was sitting at a computer in a cubicle at a job I loathed. I was clock watching and trying to mentally leave my surroundings. I thought Falling Down was a mighty fine film.

Fudge Menu
Six Things To Do

˚ Plan a trip to Noah's Ark
˚ Make path for piece of junk washer to exit and new piece of junk washer to enter
˚ Buy more candy
˚ Eat more cheese (it still is, after all, Dairy Month)
˚ Make alternate plans for trip to Noah's Ark when plans unravel
˚ Lose weight

Cheddar Beer Soup
Fav Snackage
Please refer to the Gummy Pyramid (I told you I was sorting though old photos).

Gummy Pyramid
What I'd Do If I Were Loaded
That's loaded, not load bearing.
What I'm doing now, only more of it. And further away for longer periods of time. With a house, several dogs, and cabana boys.

Places I Have Lived
Madison, WI
La-X (the city, not the airport)
The Twin Cities

Hamm's signOh, I've wasted my life.

Why The Wisconsin Candy Dish?
Because Candy Jones was taken. This started as a class assignment with a lot more local dish and professional type stuff like interviews and research. So here I am no longer being graded, doing a meme.

Parade Cow


  1. Hell yeah Jeanna....ya done good....even if ya are a Hillary supporter!!!!!
    I loved "Falling Down"!!
    That is like the anti-chic flick...I'm surprized you liked it? But then again you liked "YoJimbo"?????

  2. Hey they have lions like the cows in Appleton, or they did, they may be gone now. :)

    I'll be in Madison Thursday. :)

  3. I love me some YoJimbo, son. I thought Falling Down was Hi larious. Not sure it was meant to be, but you never know with Michael Douglas.

  4. I did not know that. What's with all the Appleton lions? Did you take some lovely photos?
    We're having one of our Stevens birthday parties, Lisa. You're welcome to come. Whatcha doin' in town?

  5. I loved Falling Down too, although it's my fourth favorite Michael Douglas movie after--you guessed it, Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile and War of the Roses (sort of the story of Romancing the stone twenty years after) You gotta love movies that turn into verbs.

    wow, some good class assignment. (I hope you got extra credit.)

  6. Tee hee! Awwwww! Thanks for doing the meme! I really like your answers. How come I had a feeling the Gummi Pyramid would be on your list of fave snack foods!? :)

    That photo of your dad as a baby is adorable.

  7. I would have guessed Romancing the Stone was your fav movie, Jodi.
    I thought Roses was both sad and hilarious. Yeah, easily post-Romancing the Stone.
    A bit too far with the soup tureen (so very Danny DiVito), no?
    One of the reasons I loved Deadwood so much is that their favorite word was a proper noun, common noun, adjective, and possibly a verb. Catholic school has failed me.

  8. Hey C., he looks so much like my sister and himself today at 83 it's spooky.
    Yeah, I'm a gummy and sour gummy gal.

  9. Jeanna! I got your package in the mail today! THANK YOU!!! You are the greatest!!! (There's a note for you in my latest post)

    I LOVE everything in that package! Baby McN loves you too! ;p

  10. Hey C., so, how liquified was it? It was a bit on the warm side here today. I've been holding onto that Scrabble players vid for ya, glad you finally got it.

  11. I love that cow with the colors, I have 2 horses (ceramic) that are almost the same colors!

  12. Hi Feathers, that's one of the cows from last year's cow parade. They were downtown and are spread out all over now. That one had hunks of cheese painted on it.

  13. Jeanna, actually none of it was liquified! The Brennan's cheesy popcorn was a bit messy, but the label said to keep it refrigerated (I suppose because of the cheese) and I haven't refrigerated it yet! I thought Hubby was going to have a taste test first, so it's been sitting on the dining room table since we got it. Heck, if he's not going to open it, then I will! LOL!

    I'm being miserly with the cow pies and the badger claw though! Hubby was looking for them, but I stored them in a nice, cool place so they won't melt.

  14. Liquid cheese, mmmm. I think Boo Candy sends stuff out all refrigerated and such in this weather. Up to 88 degrees today so I'm off to the lake or pool with a pen and pad of paper. I didn't see any serious warnings on Lake Mendota so it may be fighting geese and carp for me.
    What are you up to, C.?

  15. Well my horses doesn't have hunks of cheese painted on them but they are almost the same

  16. Cheese horses would be cool, but confusing. My favorite was the Cow cow. A cow with cows painted on it.

  17. Just sending you a big, cheesy, sprecher laden hug, ma dear! XO

  18. Well look who it is. I don't suppose you're coming down here for Rhythm & Goons?


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