Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Chance Apples

James J. candy apppleTime flies when your computer desk is buried in candy wrappers and speaker wire.
Someone once told me the best caramel apples in the state were *over by Portage, home of a lovely maximum security prison. (I think the prisoners are really from Florida and they make expensive desk chairs.)
Caramel apples. Although Copps gets props for the over-sized Granny Smith's they decorate with *crushed nuts, M & M's, and Heath pieces, there is only one apple worthy of a snake and a naked chic with ulterior motives.

Candy apple in handThe James J. caramel apple is a seasonal homage to decadence made only in October. They're as fleeting as summer love and as sinful as sun dappled sex on a bed of Madeleine truffles.
You can't really call these caramel apples because the seductive caramel is wrapped around a perfect Macintosh apple like the legs of a warm lover--where am I and why is there a wooden stick in my hair? The caramel apple is then draped with James. J. chocolate and adorned with halved pecans or cashews.
They're lovingly made in Lake Mills on Thursday and arrive in Madison on Friday. They go quickly, and aside from the space-time continuum which sucked up this post, tomorrow is the last day to get them. Tomorrow is also Parent's Day at Freakfest, so if you want an excuse to abandon your life shackles and catch the last of the fall colors, unseasonable weather, and the best caramel apples in the state of Wisconsin, come on down.

Chocolate caramel cashew apple
* "Over by" is acceptable, nay mandatory, if you've spent more than three hours in Milwaukee, I mean over by Milwaukee, past the bubbler and that *Cubs fan in the Bear's jersey about to get handed his nads by a giant bratwurst.


  1. Hey Suga-licious! Just wanted to wish you happy Freak Fest(but it's a concert!) Ha Ha. This post made me want to have sex or just eat. Hmm...

  2. Hey MM., why not do both?
    Hope you haven't been driven mad by code and pixels.
    It would be cool if you could make it down for Freakfest Parent's Day (the night before) or perhaps the big event on Saturday?

  3. Hmmmmmm......I just got back from the river. My dad's dog stepped in something that resembles that first picture.
    They say timing is everything!
    Oh......welcome back!!!!
    Think ya can stand 8 more years of me under "Socialist" rule?

  4. You should be so lucky to step in that.
    Well I put up with you under the Republican jihad, so...

  5. My god that looks yummy!! Glad to see your back blogging Jeanna I was wondering where you had gone :) .... busy eating those apples by the looks of it :) Cant say I blame you it looks utterly sinful!

  6. They are something else, Jim. I think you would appreciate them, too bad tomorrow may be the last day to get them.

  7. *wah* my browser ate all your posts, so I'm catching up. mmmmm......

    yummy :)

  8. Hey Jodi, that's kind of funny when you think about it. Eating posts from a candy blog...


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