Monday, October 13, 2008


Caramel applesThis post has nothing to do with caramel apples.

Horse applesOr horse apples either. Is this what horse apples are? I thought something different.
My quest for the best caramel apple in Wisconsin, however, continues, and today I'm dropping by James J. to see how they're doing, caramel apple-wise.

Devil's LakeJoy! Mid-October is a good time to frolic in the water (if you have the skin of a seal). This was the scene at Devil's Lake last Sunday. It was 83˚ outside, and ohmygawdshitshitshit˚ in the water.

Playing in Devil's LakeWHY did I listen to you idiots?

Effigy moundThere was enough noise to wake the dead. So much for a quiet walk circumventing effigy mounds and rattle snakes.

cool kidYeah all that sounds great—has anyone seen my BlackBerry?

Running kidNot all of us show that kind of restraint.

Wet dogSome less so near water. It was Dog City at Devil's Lake, and relatively FIB free.

FootballI spoke too soon, watch out, that was thrown by a Bear's fan.
Q. How do you keep bears out of your backyard?
A. Put up a goal post.

Ski Hi RdBa da dum.


  1. HA HA that does look like a great day!! I am glad you enjoyed it! Kids... they are so resilient.

    OOH and thank you for teaching me a new word.. FIB.. I love it!! Goal posts... ROTFLMAO....

    Have a superday!

  2. Hey, Doglover, thanks for inspiring me to get my butt in gear.

  3. wow...what beautiful scenery. You're so lucky. I want to see LEAVES, damnit! Seattle does not have "leaves", just a lot of green stuff and asphalt.

    And you teased me with the caramel apples. Trays and trays of caramel apples. *sigh* delicious....

  4. Ha! I learned alot from this post!
    Isn't Obama from Illinois?
    Describes him to a "T"!
    In more ways than one!!!!!
    Maybe you are comming around to your senses?

  5. Beautiful day that Sunday was! I have no doubt the area was packed!

    LOVE Blackberry boy!

  6. Hey Jodi, I thought Seattle had nothing but coffee, grunge, AND scenery. It's not all that pretty, but many places are getting there.
    I'm still sucking pieces of delicious caramel apple out of my teeth. Will post that to drool over next. The caramel apple I ate today spits on those other caramel apples in the case.

  7. And yet again, YoJamesbo, you know I am of the Hillary demographic.
    Madonna is going to kick both your ass and the uptight white bitch ass of your low rent Tina Fey look-alike hound dog crush.

  8. Hi Lisa, wasn't it though. I love the little hairs on his head standing straight up. He had an older brother that looked just like him. But that kid who was running around like a wild man a few feet away was having a lot more fun.

  9. uh...does that mean you're NOT voting "Arabic" Nov. 4th?????

  10. I thought of you while watching The Simpsons tonight. There was some line about how red the sheriff's neck was.

  11. At least I still have a neck. Wait till the "Arab" gets in office......then it's off with our heads!??!!

  12. Damn son, you're sorry ass is singin' the same ol' tune and it's way off key.

  13. How cool to swim by fall colors like that!

    BTW, the best caramel apples are at a place called Schabo's Orchard north of Appleton. Just sayin'.

  14. I don't know, Green Girl, the ones at James J. in Madison might be the best I've ever had, so good, I wasn't even tempted by the ones from Ski Hi shown in the photo. I might just drive to Appleton to check it out.

  15. I left you some bling at my place. :)

  16. Hey Lisa, thanks, I love your blog, too.

  17. Fantastic pics, Jeanna!!!

    People were swimming in October?!?! Holy shrinkage!!! (Ummm...for the men and not the women)

    Your parcel should be mailed sometime in the beginning of the week. Hubby is going to have to mail it because I've been ordered on bed rest. Hopefully not for the remainder of this pregnancy! I'd go bonkers if I had to stay in bed for 3 more months!!!! Seriously.

  18. Hey C., what does bed rest entail, are you really in bed all day? Can you watch tele or schlep to the computer?

    I have your little package addressed, but not sure what else to put in it. Are you craving anything?

    Yeah people were splashing about, I was ready to put on my swimming suit, but after wading in up to my shorts I kept thinking about the ice water that's left at the bottom of the cooler. I saw one guy diving and kind of swimming. Brrrrr. But it was humid and 83º outside.

  19. Hey, Jeanna :)
    The doc said that bed rest means bed rest. Bathroom privileges and doctors' appointments only. TOTALLY sucks :( I'm actually not supposed to be at the computer right now. I'm supposed to wait until Hubby gets my lap top all set (we're not on wireless at the moment). I can't help it though. I'm getting antsy. I know I have to get back in bed in a bit though. Apparently even just sitting puts too much pressure on the cervix (TMI, I know!!). They're worried that "Junior" may arrive any day now when he has 3 more months to go! They're hoping we can hang in there for 4 or 8 more weeks at least. Kinda scary when you think about it. If baby were to be born now, chances of survival are possible, but with lots of health issues and will require assistance with breathing, etc. *sigh*

    Well, I'm off to bed again. What fun. (Note the sarcasm?)


  20. You should have heard me bark (hah, pun intended) out loud at the omighodshitshit water temp.

    I love the photos. I'm actually a Hoosier Girl, an Indiana native, and I ache for the loss of fall here in Los Angeles. Never thought I'd get sick of sunny hot day after sunny hot day, but here I sit. Sick. Of hot sunny day after hot sunny day.

    Please pass me a caramel apple.

  21. You stay in bed, young lady! I'm sure you and JR. will be fine. Now is the time to listen to music, and watch movies on the ceiling!
    The farce at the post office would have cheered you up, Chrissy. You have to print everything in all caps if it's going to Canada since when?
    I was mailing you that package that's been lying around and had to be replenished with Hi-Chews that keep getting eaten, and I swear to God there are some letters I've forgotten how to print.
    I had to fake it and pretend I was much younger than I am and that I've been typing my whole life (actually I've been typing since 1971, you'd think I'd be a better typist).
    Hey, if you want a laugh, lift the sticker off your address and see what happened when they first told me I had to change it to all caps. They handed me a thick Sharpie, what did they expect?

  22. Hey Unhinged, I'd do that if I could, but not one of those apples, one of the ones in the next post.
    Yeah, ohmygodshitshitshit˚ is a little too cold for me.
    I feel the same way about ice and snow, but would be driven mad by the same weather day after day, especially since I can only write when it's cloudy.
    Think I'll dedicate my next post to romance writers. You know how seductive an apple can be.
    Sorry about the Colts collapse.

  23. LOL! WOW! Seriously?? I've n ever been told I needed to "CAPS" everything when sending stuff to the U.S.! Too funny! Well, some postal workers seem more lenient than others...especially on the island I live on!

    Hubby still has to get your parcel out. He's been kinda busy these days though...seeing that I am now on bed rest until the baby is born! Poor guy!

  24. *poke poke* **prod**, you were talking about caramel apples? Are those apples in the picture on the bottom shelf caramel or chocolate, or dark caramel...

    *poke poke*

  25. I...can'
    Damn, my bedroom/office/computer room/linen closet is like a rubik's cube.

  26. ...uhm, if I had a bedroom that I shared with a linen closet and a computer room/office, I'd lay down scaffolding and walk across it. :)

    We can wait...

  27. Got a little sumthin for you on my blog. Not as good as candy though.

  28. That Jeanna?
    She's fallen and she can't get up?

  29. Jeanna's run off and joined the Obama campaign?

  30. Hey, girlfriend! You've been rather quiet lately. Hope everything is okay where you are. XO

  31. FanTAStic photos!!!!! :)

    Please check out my blog....I have a litle project I HOPE TO GAWD you will participate in....Smoosh Your Boobies! You can use paint, or getting really creative.... maybe chocolate syrup?

  32. Dammit girl? Have you got a boyfriend or something?

  33. Jodi-why is it you remind me of a pirate in that photo?

    Chrissy-did you get your t-shirt or was my handwriting as Sister Gertude predicted, "Going to cause no end of trouble?"

    YoJimbo-you have eight years of bitching ahead of you. Pace yourself.

    Olga-chocolate syrup; not with this gut!


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