Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sick As A Dog

Roscoe won't eat.
They don't know what's wrong exactly, not a blockage (but something that shouldn't be there most likely is).
He may have gotten hold of a plastic bag which once held something delicious.
Now, not so much.
Vince and I got him to eat a few treats, and he nibbled on rice and hamburger Sunday. When Phil pointed to the dog dish with a stockinged toe, he nibbled some more.
Karen called yesterday and said the boy, as sick and anorexic (a legitimate pet illness meaning loss of appetite) as he is, managed to sniff out and eat an errant cookie crumb. And he's not the world's best sniffer.

Pug and cookiesCorrection: This is Kensi, not Nigel

Yeah, Roscoe is one of Karen's dogs and a Farino alright.
Let's hope he goes from this with the IV and spoon fed baby food

Roscoe sickback to this real soon.

Smiling skunk dog
Special thanks to Phantom Kitty for use of her Kensi photo.


  1. Wishin a speedy recovery for Roscoe. May I give the command to "chit" instead of "sit"!
    Yeah...."chit" it out boy!!!!
    Good boy!!!!
    That Nigel is a cutie. Reminds me of a little black pug I used to have. His name was Nunya!
    Nunya and Nigel would make a great pair!

  2. Awwww!!! I do hope Roscoe feels better soon! :( Nothing breaks my heart more than a pup who isn't feeling well.

    Luckily for me, I only experienced seeing Chance suffer from not feeling well once. That was the only time he wasn't feeling well. His nose was dry and warm, he had absolutely no appetite at all, and he was so listless. It was really hard for me to see him that way. I felt so helpless. He wouldn't even drink water and was just so weak.

    I don't know what it was that he had, but the next morning he was back to his old self again.

    Feel better soon, Roscoe! XOXO

  3. Dang! Jimmy, you beat me by a minute!

  4. Hey James, still wearing your t-shirt, maybe I should change, or bathe or something.
    I'll give Roscoe your regards today.
    Yeah, I didn't want to mention it in the photo credit, but although I got the photo from flickr, Nigel appears to be a Madisonian.

  5. Hey C., thanks, he's a completely different dog and has lost so much weight it's frightening. I guess it only has to be a few pounds for a dog though. I just know he's turning into a greyhound, but has been force fed baby food and coaxed into eating a few things. Phil says he's eaten Cheerios because he has a sweet tooth.
    Poor little Shanz, I'm glad he sprung back to life so quickly. Roscoe is drinking water again, thank God (or doG).
    It's been a week now, so it's pretty scary. I know he's in there somewhere.
    Will give him your regards.

  6. OMG! A week? Poor boy! Has he been to the vet? :(

    Yeah, I was surprised at how fast "Shanz" recovered! But, the one day he was sick really had me worried and feeling helpless. There's nothing that breaks your heart like the look on a sick pup's face. So sad :( GAH!

  7. Yeah, he is breaking my heart by not eating, and yes, Karen took him to a vet. They gave him pills and I can only pray he poops out whatever it is he ate. If that's even the problem.
    Maybe I should do something on pet insurance. It seems like a really good idea.
    He did eat some gourmet dog biscuits from a nearby bakery this afternoon and is drinking water. I'm thinking he's better because he gave me that big mouth bark that said "What the hell, why aren't we going to the park?" He also really wanted to play Frisbee and even caught it for a few minutes.
    I'm so glad Shantz recovered quickly. Sweet babi.

  8. Oh no, I'm scared for him. :( Please tell me he's better. I lost a 16 mo old lhasa to an intestinal problem.

    I love that photo with pup peeking at cookies - the paw just makes the photo!

  9. Hi Lisa, what happened to him? Sixteen months is so young, I'm sorry to hear that.
    He looked a little better when I visited him today, but he still has to be tricked and coaxed into eating and then doesn't eat much.
    I found the photo on flickr and when I got permission to use it found out the photog lives nearby.


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