Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jimmy's Package

Jimmy's packageWhat's this all about?
Where's my hazmat suit, I wonder if it works on hazardous repuplicans.
Are those male crabs lingering on Jimmy's package?


  1. I've been told I have a nice a package!LOL!!

    Hey,,,,I was flippin' through the channels a few minutes ago and saw this purty green field with "WISCONSIN" printed at one end and "BADGERS" printed at the other??????
    It really had my attention for about 3 minutes?
    I'm busy on the computer transfering all my 1990 era VHS taped home movies to DVD!
    What a job!!!!!

  2. lol--

    male crabs? Mail crabs? Crabs? Aren't you faaaarrr from crabs of any sort? And what are those things on your (do I have to say it????) ...package?

  3. Lucky you didn't watch that one, James. They blew it again in the end.
    Quite sad. But you may have liked The Scrambler which was the food pick.

  4. Not my package, Jodi. I assumed they were crabs of some sort. The package was sent to me from somewhere near an ocean. I think.

  5. Holy Shiznit!!! LOL! Oh, Jimmy! :)

    Jeanna, I am curious to see what was in the box! Be careful! It may very well be a Trojan Horse. I wouldn't be surprised if a million Liliputian-sized Republicans jumped out of the box when you opened it! ;) XOXO

  6. I can't believe you have showed Jimmy's package right here for all the world to see! He must be SO embarrassed!

  7. Chrissy, it's smells of hyperbole and budget cuts for education.

  8. Lisa, he LOVES it.

  9. Yes, Jimmy loves having his package exposed ;)

  10. That's the word on the street, C.


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