Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween So Far...

Jimi HendrixIs it a good idea to visit the Pipefitter before candy shopping?
"That's game, Hendrix."

Caramel applesThese may very well be the last three caramel apples from the James J. Chocolate Shop in Madison until next year. And I've got them. Brrraaahahahaaa.
(The guy who sold me these was wearing a kilt.)

Palin and friendPalin costumes 1, tie dyes 20. So hard to tell if people are in costume around here. I think I saw Jerry Garcia go into a sandwich shop on lower State Street this afternoon.

Tricky DickThe University of Wisconsin welcomes the GOP.

Dude with blue thingThis guy caught my eye. Does ANYONE know what the hell that blue key chain on his sunglasses is?

Nader backerHe seemed so sad, even for the Library Mall.

Kettle cornMaybe I should have bought the Nader guy some kettle corn. (Although the vendor couldn't keep up with the free samples. I mean, c'mon, have you ever known a student to turn down free food?)

Skeleton and lady(skeleton talking) "Hey lady, I wouldn't stick around here after the sun sets."

Bloody surgeonDidn't you take my appendix out?

Trash can ladySeriously, this is the sort of thing you see driving down the street, so why am I still here.
Seacrest out.


  1. That blue balled keychain looks like half of a set of "trucknutz" to me?

  2. Maybe he has the other one hanging on the other side?

  3. That could only mean one thing, and I better refrain!

  4. I was totally thinking it was a mini set of truck nutz as well! You know when you need a little tea bagging break or something... Ah, the Pipefitter...

    Doesn't it take truck nuts of steel to sit at a little makeshift Nader table? He looks so forlorn. Yet I want to slap him, HARD. Thanks Jeanna! I hope you're taking it all in for me, I mean all of us bloggers.

    It was a quiet night of trick or treating. I felt kind of bummed because it seemed like there weren;t enough lights on...maybe it was because of it being on a Friday? I don't just seems like when I was a kid the entire neighborhood was lit up.

    Did I mention I have a huge ass and four pounds of chocolate leftover? HAve a good night! XO

  5. Yo, Jimbo. First I have to say that it's 4 am and I would normally be up in a few hours I was kept out and now I can't see straight.
    What happened to our plan for Trucknutz? Wasn't it going to be a Deliverance themed river raft rental/bar/greasy spoon?
    I thought it held cocaine. The blue thing I mean. Or McCain, no, that would be Dennis Kucinich. I'm so tired.
    I spotted lots o' Palins for you tonight, Jimbo. Unless they were Tina Feys pretending to be Sarah Palins.
    I'm so very tired.

  6. Hey MM, wouldn't Truck Nutz be a delicious salty snack? I mean like Chex Mix.
    I thought so too about the little Nader guy, and yes, he does look forlorn. I didn't want to slap him, just feed him. Actually I did end up feeding some guy who talked about there weren't enough lights or dark lights or something oh my God I'm totally freaking out!
    Hello, is Hugh Jass there? Yes, it's mine. Shuddup.
    Did I mention it's 4 am?
    How do you have four pounds of chocolate left over?
    I saw this guy dressed as a tea bag, one of my fav photos. My favorite was this guy who was dressed like a disgarded pet toy. He almost made me cry when he gave me his back story then he gave me a hug. Should costumes have a back story?
    Yes, dammit.
    I'm so very tired.
    Did take much of it in for you but never killed a battery and found the perfect parking spot and everyone was so cooperative and polite. I'm freaking out, this can not be good karma.

  7. wow, you are seriously tired--or maybe I'm seriously tired, because that last paragraph almost made sense o_O

    My browser ate your posts. I'm so annoyed I couldn't see the gorgeous apple until today. It beautiful. *wah*

    what an apple.

    MUCH better looking than other apples, and you're right--the caramel apples have nothing on it.

    uhm...I think I'm the only person who thought the guy with the keychain was channeling Morpheus, right? *my mind works in mysterious ways*

  8. Jodi woman, I thought Morpheus right off. Then Shaft, then Morpheus again.

    Didn't have a drop to drink and am hung over. High on life you say (you'd never say that)? How can you feel drunk when you haven't had enough of something (sleep).

    Actually I started writing that Garden of Eden post for you and your romance pals, but then got kicked out of my own garden and didn't want to be insulting. Really I just got lazy.

  9. What a day!!! Happy Halloween--looks like plenty of tricks and treats!

  10. I think the blue keychain thing is a maraca (did I spell that right?) The beans in a bowling pin thing that you shake. :)

  11. Hey Jessie, looks like you're having your fair share of fun over there. Wish I had a microwave so I could melt something.

  12. I was thinking cyanide, Lisa. He didn't seem like the type to break out in a cha-cha. As I was sneaking his photo pretending to shoot something else.

  13. Looks like you had an aweosme halloween spotting all the freaks lol Where some of them even dressed up though?? haha! I reckon that blue thing on the guys sunglases was a bluetooth set!


  14. Hey Jim, these are just a few photos from the afternoon, the nighttime photos are a blast.
    Maybe he had real teeth rattling around in his bluetooth?
    My cousin has the same theory, many were not dressed up, but wait the entire year to "be themselves."
    From what I know of downtown, many don't wait.

  15. Oh! Good lord! Those caramel apples look scrumptious! I've always had a weakness for caramel apples. I've only ever eaten 3 or 4 in my life though! They've always been one of those "forbidden foods" for me. I remember losing a loose tooth while eating a caramel apple when I was a kid. Ever since then, I have been tormented between the lust for the flavour and the fear of losing my teeth! LOL!

  16. Yeah, they were, C. All gone now. The cashews might have been a little better than the pecans even.
    Yum. The pictures below are of a cashew caramel apple.
    I can see how that would torment you. My mother made these killer candy apples that many a cousin lost their teeth and fillings to. Then came back for more.

  17. Why do I think,"puts the lotion in the basket" when I look at the disguarded dog toy? Eek. The hocky puck is just, well... what can I say...YIKES.

  18. Hey M.M., welcome to the end of the republican reign of terror. For the next four years anyway.
    I loved that dog toy and he gave me a big hug, very sweet, kind of like a scruffy dog. Now that you mention it...maybe he should have traveled with a bucket and some skin lotion.
    That hockey puck guy marked the official commercialization of the day before Freakfest. What next, t-shirts and maps?

  19. I don't know...but I'm going home to make some fake kettle corn.

  20. Heidi, sounds intriguing. I always thought kettle corn was fake because it smells and looks so good, but the taste is mediocre.


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