Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tricks or Teets

What Will Be The Most Popular Costume Friday Night On State Street?
The Joker
Sarah Palin
Tina Fey
Whoever else is running for president
The Stock Market
Beer Pong
Skank of either gender free polls
Vote now, vote often (pretend you're working for the Republican Party). Put your guess in the comments and you may win something to be named later (I said named, not necessarily sent).


  1. Sarah.....I'd tap that!

  2. Two Sarahs, one on purpose, one young wanna be handing out "Trick or Treat" bags from the Republican Party. What's in that bag: A bleak future, the death penalty?
    Funny, she was standing a few feet away from some young hippie in a Tricky Dick mask with a McCain/Palin sign.
    But the Skanks so far it so far, Jimbo, but the night is young. Actually hasn't even begun yet. Unless those weren't costumes.

  3. I have no clue what our peeps were, a few princesses and a few simple masks.

  4. Hey Lisa, there were so many young woman dressed like garden variety skanks they became white noise.
    I did notice though how sick I am of Slash, Where's Waldo, and cheap Twister costumes.


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