Sunday, October 05, 2008

Open Season in New Glarus

pumpkin seasonYou had me at "OPEN."
Care for another Schnittengruben?

New Glarus BakeryBaby, please, I'm not from Havana.
I stepped into the New Glarus Bakery and started buying things.

PastryIt's what's for breakfast. (This behavior must stop.)
P.S. Jim reminded me you might want to know what's on the table.
Clockwise: Pumpkin schnitten, pumpkin cheesecake, turtle cheesecake, bienenstich (sting of the bee), and caramel apple cheesecake.

Swiss cowYou eyeballing my schnitten? (Some old lady grabbed my plum kuchen in the bakery.)

Dog driverHey look, it's the driver that delivered Jimmy's package.


  1. Good thing Hubby hasn't seen this post yet. He'd be drooling over the pastries! Seriously, I think he's got sympathy pregnancy symptoms. He's been eating LOTS of sweets lately. I guess he's making up for me not being able to! ;)

    Cute doggy driver, btw!

  2. New Glarus is such a fun place to visit! Yummy!

  3. Hey C., how are you doing, ready for pastries yet?
    The Pumpkin Schnitten was to die for.
    That dog was pretty funny.

  4. Hey Lisa, it's a great little place, isn't it? Even got some Christmas and bratwurst shopping done.

  5. Hey
    Is that your schnauzer drivin' that automobile?

  6. Hey James, I'm wearin' a Fussel made t-shirt right now! You know the entire family will fight over that bumper sticker. Yes, the secret is out, I'm from a family of republicans.
    I'm so ashamed.
    Maybe I can pin up your posters for poor Roscoe, he is feeling poorly.

  7. Uh, oh, I think I dropped an "l" somewhere.

  8. my word what sort of cakes were those!? They look incredible /drool

  9. Hey Jim, we have the pumpkin schnitten of course, three cheesecakes (pumpkin, caramel apple, and turtle), and possibly my fav cake, bienenstich.


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