Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm Bored And It's Cold Outside

In case you missed the third link from the last post, it's a delightful little Easter candy quiz.
Talk about jumping the speckled hard shell gun.
Hey, they had St. Patrick's Day stuff at Shopko last week.
According to the What Kind of Easter Candy Are You? quiz, I am Peeps. Hear me roar.
Mmmpff, can't roar, mouth full of peeps.

Okay, okay, tis the season and all, so What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

Chocolate candy quizI could have told you all that. Except for the part about working. Ahem.
Where are those damn caramel hearts...beginning to understand what that python felt like—or that Python.
Where's the seltzer?


  1. Giggle.

    I'm a Cadbury Creme Egg--the type that stole little brother's easter basket so I could have MORE CANDY!

    And I'm Milk Chocolate, too. Dreamers unite!

  2. I dream of the Cadbury Caramel Egg.
    How many dreamers does it take to change a light bulb?

  3. I'm a Chocolate Bunny
    A traditionalist, you secretly want to dress up like a bunny. And not just on Easter. :)

  4. I had to find out the chocolate one too. :) It sounds just like me! ;)

    You are White Chocolate
    You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.
    Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.
    You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

  5. I can make a sound like the Cadbury bunny. And I do it all the time. Not just at Easter, but when I think of Easter, or Cadbury creme eggs or when I eat a Cadbury creme egg or see the stuffed bunny with the two eggs that comes in the gift packs. Or hear the commercial.

    btw, I'm dark chocolate. lol...dark chocolate. Is that a statement of IWANTMYCHOCOLATEBACKDAMNIT, or what? I love easter. I also love the Russell Stover nests, although I always pick the jelly beans off. :)

  6. You'd make a cute chocolate bunny, Lisa. I love how we're getting a variety of chocolate here, you quiet flirt, you.

  7. I'd like to hear that, Jodi. Is that Yorik's head you're on, btw, or something from Dexter?
    And you are a dark chocolate person, isn't that weird, but what the hell are you doing picking off jelly beans.
    When are you getting your chocolate back?

  8. God knows, I'd like to get my chocolate back. SOON. As soon as I bring my histamine levels down to "manageable" Then I'm going to pop some benadryl and gorge on peanut butter cups until I puke.

    The raven and the skull came from when me and my cp, Mat (Cowboy) were building my site. He said, "you're a writer. You want a raven on a book (ala Poe?) and I said, "what are you? Trite or something? How about a decayed skull with flesh peeling off it?" We compromised on a crow on a silhouette.

    Jelly beans. I love em, although not the green ones. But not on chocolate. Chocolate and coconut. MMMmmmm. Delicious.

  9. Sorry I've been out of it, I don't know the full history behind the new diet. Hell, don't do anything that makes you puke, unless it's part of your diet. Although I feel that I could stuff down frozen caramel hearts till I pass out.
    Wonder if I should do a monthly entry called: "I'm Watching Dexter and on the Rag So Drop the Chocolate and Back Away Slowly..."
    That icon is some scary shit.
    Am I the only one that thinks the combination of mini jelly beans, coconut, and chocolate is pure genius?

  10. I'm the "choco bunny"! I always like to bite their ears off!

  11. Are you now, James. They didn't have an Easter dog?


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