Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sugar Frenzy Would Be A Great Name For A Band

Mac and sugI blame this sorry sight on a clean and purge binge which kicked in last spring and keeps rearing its sanitized head in inclement weather. I'm a latent clean freak who's been fighting the family clean gene for years. As a child I'd lure my best friend into a game of hide-and-seek just to clean her room while she hid.
When I unearthed my old friend Marvin, a 7100/80 Power Mac banished to unholy corners of my apartment, I vowed to get him up and running within days.
Ten months later and here we are. All I can say is, I don't want to know what a drag lib is, where to find it, or what to do with it when I do.
After two days of getting side tracked with a router for the PS3 and using words such as "configuration" and "subnet mask" I started using words like "I give up" and "I'm taking this piece of shit back, so f--- it."

Steelers HatWhen I picked up with Marvin where I left off (screaming obscenities at the monitor), I remembered how I got fat: Computer Error + Stuck Inside At This Desk = Sugar Frenzy.
The M&Ms arrived just after I bought a little candy to do a post called Nerding It Up, which now seems like a bad idea, especially after reading about Lisa's recent nutritional advances.
Good for you, Lisa.
My conclusion: This is no way to get healthy.
I feel so dirty I may drive through the car wash with my top down. Except I don't have a convertible, whoo hooo.


  1. So do you use Marvin? I want details because I have my old G4 in the basement with a cool 17" matching studio monitor. I've been trying to think of a Valentine, but I'm feeling stagnant and stunted lately. I might go and see Joan Rivers on my birthday at a casino. How lame is that?xo

  2. I've got him up and running and if I had the space, I'd keep the old boy, but I'm getting him ready to give to my cousin.
    Geez, my main computer is a G4 with a cool 17" studio monitor (The Beast).
    How lame is it I feel like I'm getting rid of a family member? Okay, not exactly Sophie's Choice, but...
    That's not lame at all. She was just on some news show. I used to love her.

  3. You're so totally funny! You shouldn't feel bad, just eat some of that candy for me. :)

    Marvin? You name your computers?

  4. I had an old G3 powerbook before I went renegade and switched to a windows PC. I loved that thing. All sleek and curved and black--like sculpture. It made you want to just touch it and stuff. Too bad I broke the internet connection by deleting the wrong software. *sigh*

    I called it, "hello, Precious".

    Now I just call my computer, "you stupid thing."

    At least you have mms and mambos. :)

  5. I think I've eaten enough for several yous, Lisa.
    Sure I do, this one is called "The Beast" and Marvin was my first computer with a hard drive. It will be very difficult giving him up.

  6. Hey Jodi, Mac prices and lack of support make it very tempting to defect to the other side. Steve Jobs is the Charles Comiskey of personal computers.
    I'm dead ended at two OSes ago and there is no sign of a new computer in my future.
    Precious from Silence of the Lambs?
    Speaking of quality, have you seen Tin Man? I thought you liked Fantasy SciFi.

  7. Never had a Mac, and I've never named my monitor? Am I missing something?
    Oh well......Hey...I think Rush Limbaugh is pulling for your Steelers!!!!:)

  8. Not the monitor, JimmyJames, Marvin is the computer. If you've never had a Mac that explains it. Some might say if you've never had a Mac, you've never had a computer.
    Just as if you've never had a Bass pale ale buried for five hours in a cooler full of clean, melting ice, you've never had a beer.

  9. I'll be back when I can be nicer! I'm in one of those "open mouth insert foot" moods?????
    I love to pick at you, but I tend to go to extremes sometimes!
    Yes.....I had to moderate myself again....darn it!
    Plop, Plop, fizz, fizz!!!!!!

  10. Okay. And bring me the jock of Larry Fitzgerald.

  11. Weird! I swear I posted a comment for this post! It disappeared into thin air! Gah.

  12. For this one? It's really all the same thing, though, isn't it?


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