Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Love Triangle

Russell Stover Love NestsIn keeping with my resolution to eat more Valentine's Day candy I've been in the hunt. The above photo was taken shortly after purchasing a second set of Russell Stover Love Nests after the first went missing.

Why Do I Love Love Nests?

arrowI love that you don't have to wait until Easter to eat small jelly beans cradled in chocolate covered coconut.
arrowI love that you're bound to get at least one red jelly bean while the white ones are so very scrumptious yum chewy.
arrowI love that the nests are small enough to forget you're biting into 150 calories and 9 grams of fat for every 28g serving.
arrowI love that Health gives the candy a nutritional D+ even though the site's calorie and fat count is actually lower than the label.
arrowI love that this photo was another excuse to combine my love of candy with my love of the outdoors, almost making sense this time. You know, because they're nests.
arrowI love that truckloads of chocolate arrive the week you're vowing to lose weight and become that person you see jogging on the side of the road at the same time wondering if it's safer to drive while eating chocolate than jog on the side of the road.
arrowI love that I've already broken my vow to use less punctuation.
But when you think about it, who cares—do you? I don't! (although not overly fond of exclamation points…).
arrowI love that when looking for Valentine's Day candy online I found a recipe for Chocolate Covered Squid.
arrowI love that there are all these recipes to make Love Nests and that people have the ambition to do so. Not me of course, but you know, people.
arrowI really, really love the fact that I've got a couple of these waiting downstairs for me to get through a day of trouble shooting my demonically possessed DVD recorder with the fine folks at Best Buy and Panasonic when one bullet through it's black heart is what it really needs.
arrowAnd most of all I love knowing I'll buy more chocolate because Russell Stover Coconut Covered In Milk Chocolate is a gateway Valentine's Day candy.


  1. Those look awesome! They look rather like another Tunnock's product we have here in the UK called Snowballs ... which are basically just teacakes with bits of coconut spread all over! These look damn tasty! No wonder you say you have been scoffing them!! The jellybeans look a nice little top off!

  2. Hi Jim, still on break or back in school?
    They are awesome, but not marshmallow like the teacakes you wrote about. Yum.
    Chocolate covered coconut and those jellybeans are the perfect complement, especially at that size.
    The consistency of the candy combo is perfection itself.

  3. Uh, I dunno. I think I have to shake my head at you about this entry. Chocolate-covered COCONUT with jelly beans? Ewwwww times twenty! They're so small, you'd have to pop the whole thing into your mouth.

    Did I say ew?


  4. You're cracking me up. I am hoping that reading your blog isn't going to ruin my diet. :)

  5. Ooooh...You are going to love what I've got at home waiting to be sent off to you! I actually got some for Jelly Jules too. I promise once I return home after these insane two months at the hospital, you will receive some items in the post that will knock your socks off. No, I'm not sending you some studly hard body ;)

    Catch up with you soon. XO

  6. This from the woman who craves chocolate feet?
    You think you could eat the whole thing at once, U.H., but oh no. It would be like downing a pitcher of Leinies; it sounds like a good idea at the time, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    How can you not like coconut and chocolate and the near perfect mid-sized mini bean for jelly crunch?

  7. Hi Lisa, it ruined mine. Damn Valentine's Day, you get through the holidays relatively unscathed and then the nests show up.
    Hey, that should be right up your tree.
    Still a little chilled by that eagle shot.

  8. Hello little mama! You better not worry yourself about sending me anything with all you've got to do.
    Kisses to LO and a hearty handshake to John.
    I truly hope you can get back to hearth and home soon, but you know what, I think you have at least one great short story in you after all is said and done. Probably more. Thought of you when I saw two tweens jumping down the sidewalk this afternoon.


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