Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ski Dogs and Candy Bars

Chocolate PayDayThe weather got sun melty today with a high of 30 degrees, and you'd think people in southern Wisconsin had been living in their garage freezers. DJs had already been talking about spring when it ambled into the twenties, and I was wearing shorts from the parking lot to the fitness center when it hit 12 above.
Enough about the weather and can somebody please edit that because I don't want to get cheap chocolate on my AP Stylebook.
I came across some weird tracks that looked like paw prints and ski poles while gorging myself like a slaughter house tick on chocolate covered PayDays. Then I saw this speeding toward me.

Dogs skiing"Yaahh!"

Dogs skiingIs that pointer taking a whiz in mid-run? Color me yellow for impressed.

Chocolate PayDayBefore you make jokes about one of the dogs leaving a little something behind, that is the result of scraping off Hershey's chocolate from the PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche.
I found the Hershey's chocolate ill matched with the sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy PayDay, and it hardly seemed worth the effort when all I wanted was the original Payday beneath the waxy thin chocolate.
Whether it's "now available" nostalgic candy or not, dispense with the Avalanche and get an original PayDay or a Pearson's Salted Nut Roll. My God, the Nut Roll is almost as bad as a chocolate PayDay (which is 250 calories, 120 fat calories).
Here they come again.

Once aroundLet's meet the German wirehaired pointers.

Günther and SpatenGünther, left, and Spaten, right.
They both love eating snow and tolerate the boots to get a bit of exercise.

Slammin' highlights, Günther. Would you guys rather eat snow or a PayDay Avalanche?

Eating snow


  1. Spaten (after the beer??) doesn't look very happy. It's probably the booties. I like the pearson's better than the payday because it's got more middle--hmm, lack of chocolate? No chocolate. Mmmm, that pearson's is looking better all the time.

  2. I'm thinking it was after one of my favorite beverages, Jodi, the owner seemed the type (in a good way).
    Funny about Spaten's photo, look at the smaller ones and you can see how happy he is.
    I caught him with mouthfuls of snow, but he was a sweet and friendly dog who wanted to say hello and get petted.
    If I didn't feel sick from the chocolate PayDay I'd do a taste test. I think I broke a tooth on a Pearson's once.

  3. Those dogs are a riot. I have never seen the wirehaired variety before and the whole look is very different.

  4. Hi Pam, they looked different from each other too. Very friendly and sweet, I never would have thought they were pointers, but then I don't really know any pointers. They acted more like labs.

  5. Hah! I'm laughing because everyone's on skis and being pulled by bootied dogs. Cute!

    Were you wearing skis, too, Jeanna?

    Pass that candy bar.

  6. Just cuz my name is Olson doesn't mean I was born (Bjorn) w/skis strapped to my feet. But I do have a pair looking quite nice leaning against the wall.
    I need to ski when very few people can see me struggle to get them on then attempt to slide 100 feet before I give up.
    I would love to pass you one and even have two left over, but I'm going to watch a Gus Van Sant movie and eat one of them. No gummi vamp teeth then?

  7. Günther looks like he's over heated with his tongue hangin' out, and Spaten looks like his mouth is froze shut????
    Very confusing those two?

  8. They had run the route a few times and stopped to chat and eat snow. Both were very happy, sweet babies. I didn't know how adorable and loving this breed was.

  9. They look adorable! Heck....I would even learn how to snow ski for a romp with them!
    Hey......what's up with callin' me a "little twat" over at Msmamma's????? I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.....can't get no repect!!!!

  10. Was that after you called their local medical center an insane asylum?
    After that Alka Seltzer link I'm not sure you should be delivering any valentines unless they come with a warning.

  11. I didn't know what the "Marshfield Clinic" was? I just associate clinics with clinical depression?
    Msmamma battles it....I battle it.....heck....truth be battle it?
    What kind of people in their right mind have a blog? We're all clinically depressed!!!!!
    Maybe I get this way around Valintines day??????Where I'm force fed love by the greeting card industry?????

  12. Can't agree with you on that, some people need to write and be creative; most people need to communicate. Everyone needs to vent.

  13. What a fun way to ski! :) Unique! And I was going to comment about the present the dogs left and how unappetizing it appeared now, but you said not to, so I won't. :)

  14. Skiing = fresh air and exercise (for the dogs). What fun. Tired dogs are happy dogs -and happy people. Celebrating with yummy candy treats makes it all the more fun.

  15. Hey Lisa, lol, that's a chocolate covered Pay Day, and I can't say it tasted as bad as...well, it looks.
    I saw a guy on a ski bike last year and this year ski dogs, it was fun to keep running into them.

  16. Hey Cristie, do you remember that day? It seems like months ago, but was just last week. I kept hearing it described as "summer" weather.
    You're right about that, a tired dog has had fun getting that way, and boy do I miss being able to walk in the "summer" weather.
    Those were a set of happy dogs and owner.


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