Friday, January 16, 2009

Gummi Girl Likes Fruity Bears and Poison

PackageDid you know that Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chole in 24) was in the Girls Guitar Club? Hilarious act, I have this same performance somewhere on video. And GGC wasn't just a comedy act, but a comedy short.
You'll find no segue here.
I love visits from the delivery guy. Maybe I should start taking photos, because most of them are cute and some of them are homicidal.
Speaking of which, why gummi and teddy bears? Do you find grizzlies particularly cuddly, want to chomp on a polar bear, Ted Nugent aside.
But I'm a gummi girl, and a lightening quick Surf Sweets delivery from a FIB distributor made me put down my Gibson Les Paul and pose a few in the snow. (Posing Fruity Bears, not Guitar Hero controllers. I'm not saying Fruity Bears are posers. Maybe they are. Bastards.)

Fruity beatsPeople wanting to send you their wares always say "We follow your blog blaghity blah blah" when I know damn well there are exactly five of you who on occasion do. But this is another opportunity for gratuitous use of the Gummi Food Pyramid

Gummi Food Pyramidas I ponder if the sweet and chewy folks at Surf Sweets actually read enough to discover my gummi love.
I like these Surf Sweet Fruity Bears. They taste a little like Sunkist Fruit Gems, but their size makes them more palatable.
I especially like the 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol, and 100% Vitamin C claimed by the nutrition information. There's still 60 mg Sodium (per 2.75 oz bag), 32g Carbs (23g Sugars), and 130 Calories per serving. The serving size is half a bag or 16 pieces, not horrible. But sitting here I've eaten most of the bag.
The ingredients include evaporated organic cane juice, tapioca syrup, and black carrot juice, and although I'm not sure what all that means, I'm a little impressed.


  1. I will not be taking your advice on movies anymore! I tried to watch "Tropic Thunder" but it sucks so bad I can't finish it.
    Thank goodness, I only rented it!
    Geesh!!!!girl!!!!!what kind of drugs are you on?
    I'd have to be on a morphine drip to watch that crap!!!!!!!

  2. Those gummi bears look even better in snow! Yummi! Our delivery guy always gives our dogs bones and hubs is getting jealous. :)

  3. Since when did you ever take my advice, James?
    First I find out you've never ironed cheese in a drunken stupor, and now this.
    That movie is HI larious. I'm going to talk to Lisa then watch it again.
    And you're a morphine drip.

  4. I've got more of the Surfin' gummies and some of the others are even better. But don't listen to me, according to YoJimbo there who hasn't even bothered to watch his namesake movie, I'm on drugs.
    Wish I were.
    You haven't posted pooch pics lately have you? I was trying to organize jpegs yesterday and thought of you when looking at baby hawk photos.

  5. Uh. Oh my GOD. Jeanna, is that a box of gummy INNARDS at the right right of that pyramid?!

    (Hail Mary of Everything Holy. Gah-ross.)

    Gummies are good, but I couldn't eat a kidney or a rib or an intestine. Just saying.

    You do have a point about the bear thing, though. I think it can be blamed on those cute little koala bears that like to cling to trees. I think the koalas inspired the candy, the stuffed toys and the scanty bedtime seduction clothes!

    I don't know why I think this, though. It just sounds good, okay?

  6. Hey U.H.,

    It does sound good, I'll go with the Koalas or the cola bears, mmm, cola bears.
    You mean the haggis, lass? Or perhaps the gummy heart? They discontinued the gummy road kill some time ago. Damn.
    You want to see gross. follow the link to the right which says "Cake Wreck Scroll Down."
    How you been?

  7. hey now--I've watched Tropic Thunder and it was the funniest, stupidest movie I've seen in years.

    hmmm...gummy intestines. I wonder if that'd be gummy chitlin's. You know more than five people follow you, Jeanna. Isn't there some kind of counting widget or something you can stick up somewhere?

  8. You are a woman of refined taste, Jodi.
    Widget, smidget, why bother.
    Umm, did they just say "An orgasm a day keeps the Dr. away" during an Inauguration commercial?
    They did.
    Gummy chitlins, I LOVE that!
    From a post about five things that shouldn't be gummy, they list haggis, hearts, bacon, plus banana slugs and tapeworms.
    No chitlins, but I'll keep an eye out.

  9. Alright, where's the chocolate president post?

  10. It's under my I Heart Hilary bumper stickers.
    I was actually going to do a post today, but thought it would be in poor taste, i.e., you would have liked it.
    I should be outside in this weather anyway.

  11. So....are you saying my post is in poor taste?????
    Ahhhhh hell...all my post are in poor what's the difference?LOL!!!!!

  12. the idea of gummy tapeworms boggles the mind. Gummy tapeworms. I can "see" them. Wow....*a moment of silence, please*

    Maybe they'd be like real tapeworms at the other end and come out in clumps. *snickering and wheezing*

  13. No, James, put down the waitress and back away. I'm saying a post on gummy soul food may have been in poor taste.

  14. Jodi,I don't like the sound of that wheezing, can I get you some chocolate? (Awful, kicking myself.)
    I've felt as if they may come out unscathed on the other end after eating five bags of the stuff. I actually have some red (red) worms (singing red, red wine) calling to me now. Don't think I can answer.
    Back to Batman in Blu-ray.

  15. I loved Tropic Thunder! RD Jr. was hilarious. It made me want to roll a fattie and re-watch.

  16. I was surprised RD jr. was nominated for a SAG and an Oscar, but what the heck, he was hilarious and was a dude who was playing a dude disguised as another dude.


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