Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monopoly Chocolate Bar

Monopoly Chocolate
I'm thinking this Monopoly Chocolate Bar was made from a plastic motel rather than chocolate. Maybe there's a Monopoly game somewhere with chocolate motels.

Monopoly chocolateI didn't win instantly.
Meanwhile, why not try the chocolate version of Monopoly, or the whimsical Chocolate-opoly. I don't think either of them have chocolate motels, sorry. But Chocolate-opoly has a chocolate board and property.
The best I can say here is that the bar came from an old box—literally—and that's what I get for buying candy at Blockbuster.
I did discover the existence of Pez Star Trek Gift Sets at Groovy Candies when looking for an online seller of the Monopoly bar. So that's a plus.

Trek PezThat's it, that's the review, it tastes like a wrapper. The Grillz teeth taste better.
If you find yourself in possession of a Monopoly Bar go directly to jail; or eat it quickly when you're really hungry, or give it to someone who doesn't know better. The kind of person who melts grilled cheese with an iron at bar time.

On the Movie Rental Front:
Watched my first Blu-ray disc, Iron Man, yesterday. Excellent quality, great movie.
Watched Sex and the City on Blu-ray after that (the selection at Blockbuster is decidedly limited). Awful movie, any given episode of SATC was more entertaining, unimpressive visually, most of the leads look tired. High def may be the new actor's nightmare.

Thanks to Isra for use of his Pez photo


  1. Give it to me baby!!!!!

  2. ou bought candy from BLOCKBUSTERS???? What's wrong with you? *horrors* That's like getting really really hungry and eating a hot dog at the movies or something. You should have at least waited for a fried fish place or something (although I think they make fish in the shape of chocolate.) lol...

  3. It's the iron man! Don't have much left to give at this point.

  4. They do indeed make choco bass, Jodi. Not great chocolate, but they don't taste like red hotels.
    This is part of my new diet: buy candy that amuses me with little chance of tasting good. That didn't stop me from finishing off the nasty Monopoly Bar tonight though...

  5. Jodi, the last time I tried to eat a pretzel dog at the movies the hot dog slipped out of the pretzel thing before I sat down.

  6. Tastes like the plastic hotels? Ew!

  7. It tasted like the wrapper it was wrapped in. Except for the texture, I'd be hard pressed to pass a blind taste test on the two.


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