Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dance, Rummy, Dance

Parade CandyThat Blockbuster mom would faint dead away if she saw the throngs of children begging for sugar along the parade route today.

German Shepherd in tutuWhen I think green chiffon tutu, I think German shepherd.

Sugar seeking behaviorNote the sagging bags of candy they already had before we straggled along. The little guy with the hat is hailing the candy cab to sugar rehab. The one on the far left is actually on his knees. Hello Kitty purse says she's a little short can she owe me?

UnhappyHere's what you get if you don't give them sugar.

Performing childrenI made this kid leap through the air for a handful of candy. I began to feel like the bully who makes the boozehound dance.

Dancing for candyDance, rummy, dance!

Sniffing dog"Yeah, that's right, I'm a boozehound. We're bred in Ireland. What?"

A Boozehound Named Barney - -

Barney the Boozehound"Aye cha chie cha chie cha chie, where's me sunglasses?"

to be continued...


  1. when I think green chiffon, I think refrigerator squirrels, I don't know why. :) I also think green leggings.

    Those are some sugar happy kids, Jeanna. I'd have made them jump, too. Jumping is exercise, lol.

  2. I knew I should never have shared my nightmare. How many more photos before we forget the existence of squirrels.
    Sugar must be the gateway to something, Jodi. I bet those kids are still jumping up and down; good practice for Easter.

  3. I thought Halloween was in October? Kids actually line up for candy on St. Patrick's Day? I MUST be living in the wrong city. Wait! I don't live in a city. I live in a town. Oops, make that a "hamlet". Seriously. I do living in a hamlet/village. Think I can start a tradition of lining up for candy in green leggings?

    Word ver: ametoeb

  4. They are like junkies, C., no lie. And you would not believe the crapola they collect, it's like a Mallards game (you walk away with so much stuff you have to keep making trips to the car to stow it).
    Hammmm let, mmmm, drool. Why am I so hungry lately...
    I actually live in a village or town or something. But it's down the block from "the city."
    That is another photo I'd love to see, C. and thank you for the Word ver. Let me see, the one I got today from your blog was good, here it is: horch.

  5. That is a way more fun and cool St Patrick's parade! You get Sugar at the parade!? I didn't get any at ours.

    Not only are the kids enjoying this celebration, the adults had fun too. :)

    Hey, you have a cool blog!

  6. Hey, thanks, EastCoast, it is a fun parade, and people throw toys and beads and candy so everyone is happy.

  7. What a fun parade! I've never associated candy with St Patty's day, maybe I should now. :)

  8. These kids are whipped into a pure sugar frenzy, Lisa, it's something to behold. Actually some of the adults are just as bad, especially for beads.
    And the parade is great, too.

  9. I've been away from the computer for a few days, Jeanna...and really must catch up on your funny as hell posts! Our computer anti-virus expired and all of a sudden we've got a zillion corrupted files. Phooey! I'm also dealing with a bit of crapola right now that I may give you the misfortune of e-mailing you about! LOL! ;p

    Word ver: expecl

  10. I'll be expecling it, C., I thought you were up late.
    That is blackmail, what gives? Get a Mac if you can.
    However, I spent a good deal of my time agonizing over being cut off from the Web because AT&T has its meglomaniacal head up its ass (or should that be plural, must ask Jodi).

  11. What a Great Post on St Patrick's Day!

  12. Thanks, Singapore.

  13. Nothing says St. Patty's Day like a German Shepherd in a tutu! Your town seems to have a parade for almost any occasion. What a fun place!

  14. Hi Pam, the St. Pat's parade has become quite a hit over the years, I think it has something to do with cabin fever.


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